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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football and Sports Betting: Fantasy Games Paying Real Cash

In one way, most online casino gaming is a form of virtual betting. But the concept of virtual gambling was pushed when companies created betting machines and games that imitated live events, such as virtual dog racing and virtual horse racing. These types of gambling games still exist today and are played alongside roulette, blackjack and poker. Even these classic games, when played online, could be considered virtual games because they are imitating real games that can be played in person. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re enjoying live dealer versions of these games, which are streamed from a studio in real-time and are surging in popularity.

The development of live games may suggest we are moving away from virtual gambling games, but there are many reasons why this isn’t the case, including the launch of fantasy football betting markets.

Virtual betting back in

Virtual betting in the future may not look like virtual horse racing machines where outcomes are determined at random in the same way as slot games, but the concept is far from over. There are new ways that casinos are bringing virtual markets back into the frame, including a slowly emerging market of VR gambling games requiring a headset but much more common through fantasy football betting. Many leading sportsbooks will try to offer fantasy football betting alongside their mainstream football betting markets.

What is fantasy football? 

Fantasy football is historically not a gambling game, although some groups of friends may have played for a prize pot between themselves. It involves creating a team with a fixed budget at the start of the season and each player picking up or losing points as the season progresses based on individual and squad performances. You can swap players out throughout the season, usually by using a substitute bench that you also fill at the start of the season. For those who may be looking to learn more they can see what is value betting explained.

Can you win cash playing fantasy football?

Some sports bookmakers are including this type of football within their services. You can now play the game in national or local leaderboards and win prizes and cash for coming in the top spots at the end of each month or the end of the season. Some sports broadcasters and newspapers started this trend where you could enter national fantasy football leagues for free with no wager, but the winner would receive a huge cash prize.

Gaming competitions and betting

Fantasy football has evolved from a game played amongst friends. Now it is a gambling activity that is part of sportsbooks in the same way e-sports has crossed over to be part of the gambling market. E-sports refers to professional video gaming competitions with life-changing prize funds. Video gaming was once a non-gambling activity enjoyed between friends but has slowly grown into the equivalent of a professional sport with real competitions, sponsorships and even broadcasts. It is another type of competition that has recently cemented its place among sportsbook operator markets, just like fantasy football.

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