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DraftKings FF DFS targets and Values For Fantasy Football

Thompson has valued plays for every position for DraftKings slate, Madden Stream, Tuesday 6 p.m. ET. These stats are helping those involved in fantasy football leagues weigh up their options.

With the slow and steady build-up towards the Final Match this weekend, there are no more than 6 games scheduled from Madden sims. The first match will be between Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers, with very interesting fantasy value placed on both sides. Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys will have a match, and finally Indianapolis Colts will meet the Raiders (LV) scheduled on ‘Madden After Dark’.

Interesting Fantasy Football Stats

Checking with the settings within the game you will, as always, find that the roster doesn’t carry an impact by Covid-10, the injuries and illnesses a player might have had, or suspensions. Roster will traditionally include all movements of the player occurring before this season’s Week 1 and will use Madden 21 Week 1 of this season’s ratings.

At the quarterbacks we’ve got Austin Ekeler as a stud with $7.200 playing for Lions against Charger. The other options here will be  Ezekiel Elliott ($7,000), Nyheim Hines ($6,300). The value option for the quarterback is Swift D’Andre (Lions at Chargers) for $4.900, with Jalen Richard as the alternative ($4.600).

Sports Betting Online

There are a large number of online sportsbooks out there with free bets, welcome bonus deals, and plenty of football and other sports marketing to place bets.

If you want to bet real money on the games then check out online bookies with fantasy football betting. The Paddy Power fantasy offers include great odds choices, risk free bets in cash, and when you bet £10 when you join Paddy Power there is a £20 cash back bonus for sports betting. Paddy Power also has an extensive selection of sports leagues, fantasy league, and international sports markets such as Premier League bets that give you a full bet payout at certain times such as when your team is 2 goals ahead.

More Fantasy Football Stats For Wide Receivers

Wide receiver’s stud is JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers at Cowboys with $6.500, Kenny Golladay and Amari Cooper, $6.800 and $6.300 respectively. For Value, there are a few options – Zach Pascal (Colts vs Raiders) at $3.700, and Allen Keenan (Chargers vs Lions) at $5.500. Value alternatives are Mike Williams – $5000, Danny Amendola – $4.300, and Paris Campbell ($3.900).

With the Tight End, Blake Jarwin came up as a stud, Cowboys at Steelers, for $5,200, with 23 DKPF in three of four past sims, and 13 in 10 out of 15. Waller Darren – $5,700 and Eric Ebron – $5,400 carry the values as alternatives. The Value option for Tight End goes to Burton Trey, Colts at Raiders, standing at $4,500, while T.J. Hockenson and Hunter Henry are valued at $4.900 and $4k, respectively.

Fantasy Football Match Up Reviews

Finally, for DST we’ve got Chargers DST at Lions going on at $3,100, and the Steelers are other option—valued for $3,200.  Colts DST vs LV Raiders is valued at $2,900 however, so have that in mind as well.

With the final of the season coming to a close, there are six more games we can enjoy before the big finish. Tuesday’s matches’ values are announced and you can set your lineups. Remember, the values are not affected by the injuries and illnesses, and other activity since the Week 1 of the season. Anyway, we are having a hot matchup this Tuesday and it’s going to be exciting!

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