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Chris Thomas’ Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for Week 14

Philip Rivers

This year more than ever it has been difficult to make decisions about fantasy football lineups because of injuries, byes, and Covid-19 concerns. This week’s playoffs may start in some fantasy leagues and owners may have two quarterbacks on their roster that they have been flipping between all season. Deciding between the two could be the difference between winning and losing this week. For owners who have to stream a quarterback this week, it may be difficult to choose who to put into the lineup.

For those who are not in the playoffs yet, there is little time left during the fantasy football regular season. Every game that’s left is more important than the last to guarantee a spot in your league’s fantasy football playoffs. Here are quarterback rankings for Week 13 of the 2020 NFL Season.

*Ratings are subject to change due to injury reports or possible move to reserve/COVID-19 list*

(Check out the section below for details on players already rumored to possibly miss this week and how their replacement options rank for the week)

Must Start- a player who is in your lineup regardless of the matchup or most circumstances. They Will likely finish near the top of the league in points that week and in most weeks.
Starter- a player who makes fantasy owners comfortable starting week after week. Regardless of the matchup, this player has a high floor.
Low-End Starter- a player who should be started in most lineups but can possibly bottom out and finish below average on a given week.
Streamer- a player who could be a perfect replacement for a starter for a week or two. Starting this player may not win you your lineup but they will make sure that your production out of that position will not lose you your matchup either.
Deep League Streamer- a player who could fill a void at a position in a deeper league. Their ceiling may be close to average point production at the position but their floor is enough to get through the week.
Leave on the Bench- a player who should be avoided in all lineups that week. Many times this player could even be left on waivers.
Category Name Opponent Ranking
Must Start Patrick Mahomes vs Miami Dolphins QB1
Must Start Aaron Rodgers vs Miami Dolphins QB2
Must Start Russell Wilson vs New York Jets QB3
Starter Justin Herbert vs Atlanta Falcons QB4
Starter Ryan Tannehill vs Jacksonville Jaguars QB5
Starter Deshaun Watson vs Chicago Bears QB6
Starter Josh Allen vs Pittsburgh Steelers QB7
Starter Tom Brady vs Minnesota Vikings QB8
Starter Kyler Murray vs New York Giants QB9
Starter Lamar Jackson vs Cleveland Browns QB10
Low-End Starter Taysom Hill vs Philadelphia Eagles QB11
Streamer Philip Rivers vs Las Vegas Raiders QB12
Low-End Starter Ben Roethlisberger vs Buffalo Bills QB13
Low-End Starter Matt Ryan vs Los Angeles Chargers QB14
Streamer Jared Goff vs New England Patriots QB15
Low-End Starter Cam Newton vs Los Angeles Rams QB16
Deep League Streamer *Matthew Stafford vs Green Bay Packers QB17
Deep League Streamer Kirk Cousins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB18
Deep League Streamer Teddy Bridgewater vs Denver Broncos QB19
Leave on the Bench Andy Dalton vs Cincinatti Bengals QB20
Leave on the Bench Derek Carr vs Indianapolis Colts QB21
Leave on the Bench Mitch Trubisky vs Houston Texans QB22
Leave on the Bench *Daniel Jones vs Arizona Cardinals QB23
Leave on the Bench Mike Glennon vs Tennessee Titans QB24
Leave on the Bench Sam Darnold vs Seattle Seahawks QB25
Leave on the Bench Baker Mayfield vs Baltimore Ravens QB26
Leave on the Bench Alex Smith vs San Fransisco 49ers QB27
Leave on the Bench Tua Tagovailoa vs Kansas City Chiefs QB28
Leave on the Bench Drew Lock vs Carolina Panthers QB29
Leave on the Bench Jalen Hurts vs New Orleans Saints QB30
Leave on the Bench Nick Mullens vs Washington Football Team QB31
Leave on the Bench Brandon Allen vs Dallas Cowboys QB32

Possible Changes that can occur before Sunday

QB17 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Despite not having his number one receiver for most of the season Matthew Stafford has played decently well. There is a solid chance Kenny Golladay returns this week against the Green Bay Packers this week. If Golladay is to miss another game, Stafford would drop to QB19 for the week between Teddy Bridgewater and  Andy Dalton.

QB23 Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Last week Daniel Jones missed the Giants game against the Seattle Seahawks because of a hamstring issue. He is slated to return this week, but if Jones was to have a setback at practice and not play Colt McCoy would become QB28 on the week between Tua Tagovailoa and Drew Lock.

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