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Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites for 2022

We were introduced to Daily Fantasy Sports back in 2007, and what a treat it has been. SnapDraft from NBC, and Fantasy Sports Live were amongst the first we saw, but since then, one of the most popular sports betting activities in the U.S has gone from strength to strength, providing us with new and improved formats every year. With Daily Fantasy Sports, we get to predict outcomes from our favourite sports, including NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and others. 

The best US daily fantasy sports betting sites listed and reviewed here will give you some idea of who some of the most reputable DFS betting sites are. You’ll get to see their ratings, and have direct access to their sites where you even have the opportunity to sign up for some bonus offers. 

We are going to look at what daily fantasy sports are, what kind of bets you can have, and what to look for in a betting site, as well as a few examples of reputable sites offering DFS betting.  

Daily Fantasy Sports – What Exactly is it?

Daily Fantasy Sports is a fantasy sports concept that is formatted on a daily basis. Rather than picking your team and being stuck with it for the whole season, you can draft a new team before the start of every contest. Doing things like keeping up to date with sports news such as NFL draft profiles will give you an edge. 

If your selected team is suffering from injuries, or the players are not performing for whatever reason, then you can easily move them on the very next day, or even sometimes later that same day, depending on the sporting schedule and your chosen sport. 

This is quite far off from the traditional format of fantasy sports, where you were limited to the number of changes that you can make, if at all.  

Which Operators Have Daily Fantasy Sports?

Once you know which players to add to your fantasy team, you will need an operator to play with. There are plenty of operators out there that are offering DFS betting, however, there are some that are considered better than others. These operators have built phenomenal reputations over the years, and are now recognised as trustworthy, and respectable. Here are some of the most notable:

  • FanDuel – Founded back in 2009, FanDuel quickly emerged as one of the very best platforms for DFS betting. FanDuel offers several different contests, meaning that it can attract far more players. FanDuel has great customer service, as well as an array of transaction methods, making it the most convenient site for payments.
  • DraftKings – DraftKings is right up there with FanDuel as a leader in this particular industry. DraftKings is one of the biggest gambling operators in the United States, and so, therefore, you can expect plenty of everything. There will be lots of betting choice, multiple payment methods, and an abundance of bonuses. Similar to FanDuel, DraftKings has contests for beginners only, meaning it’s the perfect platform for you to learn the ropes.
  • PrizePicks – As an alternative, PrizePicks offers different ways to play, such as playing against the house as opposed to other players in the Over/Under Pick’em. The more selections that you get correct, the more you will win.
  • Monkey Knife Fight – Similar to PrizePicks, you can also play against the house with up to 100x up for grabs depending on the events you selected. 
  • StatHero – Manage a salary cap with StatHero, and face-off against the house. StaHero has combined traditional betting with playing against the house, as you get to pick an MVP for a boosted, 1.5x payout. 

What Kind of Bets Are There?

Of all of the Daily Fantasy Sports betting available, you are likely to come across the following:

  • Friends Mode: Create your own league and get your friends to join.
  • Beginners Only: Only new players can play.
  • Beat the Score: A tournament with shared prize pools.
  • Head-to-Head: Play vs one other person.
  • 3-100 Players Mode: A tournament format, but a smaller number of players than regular tournaments.
  • Over/Under Pick’em Prop Contests: There will be a set total, and you should get over or under it.
  • 50/50: Finish amongst the top 50% of players to win.
  • Qualifiers and Satellites: Win tickets to enter larger contests.
  • Tournaments – A guaranteed prize pool with a large number of players.

Daily Fantasy Sport is Only Going to Get Bigger and Better

Excitement surrounding Daily Fantasy Sports is at its highest ever level. More and more operators are offering these bets, as well as innovative new ways to bet which is just driving the market on further. 

On top of that, sports such as the NFL, with its Superbowl that is watched by around 100 million viewers, and the NBA teams having 82 games in a regular season, it is clear that fans crave these sports, and many want to put their knowledge into making money. Some states are trying to ban Daily Fantasy Sports, but the industry is fighting back with great success. It is clear that fans, sports, and daily fantasy sports complement each other.  

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