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5 Tips to get Better at Fantasy Football

The fantasy football season has just come to a close. Congratulations to anyone who won their league and good luck to everyone vying for a title next season. There are always ways to improve, so from champions to last-placed teams, hopefully this article can help. Here are 5 tips to get better at Fantasy Football.

1. Draft based on value, not position

5 Tips to get Better at Fantasy Football
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It is extremely tempting to follow suit when there is a run on one position in a fantasy football draft. For instance, most of the time the first round is filled with a lot of picks of running backs. Seeing so many running backs get drafted in a row will make any owner feel like they have to choose that position too, or they could miss out.

For the 2018 season, players like Christian McCaffrey and Joe Mixon were oftentimes available in the second rounds (or later) of drafts. Fantasy owners would be better off selecting players of value, like wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins per se, in the first round and getting one of those running backs in the second round, because of the value of each pick.

2. Don’t be too attached to players

One of the biggest faults of fantasy owners is thinking their roster is good after the draft, but every team can always be improved. Staying too attached to players with low ceilings can kill chances to get really good players on the waiver wire. For instance, most players selected in the last few rounds of a fantasy draft rarely appear on the roster by the season’s end.

There were many notable players that needed to be picked up either right before the season or early in the season, but some owners were hesitant after just drafting their teams. Players like Phillip Lindsay, Matt Breida and more were huge impact players this year in fantasy football and could have been picked up in most leagues after the draft, if owners were willing to part with some of their original players. Staying too attached to players can also prevent owners from making logical trades that makes their team better because they like their own players better than other players.

3. Draft tight ends and quarterbacks later in the draft

While most fantasy owners know to save defenses and kickers for the last few rounds, some still take quarterbacks and tight ends entirely too early. This goes along with the first tip of not drafting a position just because others are drafting that position, but also goes for these positions in particular.

5 Tips to get Better at Fantasy Football
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For quarterbacks, the top three players in fantasy scoring were likely not in the top five of most people’s list of quarterbacks to draft. Patrick Mahomes, Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger were ranked outside of the top 10 for quarterbacks in ADP for 2018. With that, there are a lot of options at quarterback, so the prudent thing to do is select players of other positions earlier in the draft and draft quarterbacks later.

In 2018, there were five tight ends who scored over 100 points in standard scoring leagues. Three of the five were not expected to be top tight ends this season in George Kittle, Eric Ebron and Jared Cook. Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce were expected to be good tight ends, but if they can’t be drafted it is best to wait on a tight end and take risks on players like the three listed who showed up without being expected to. Even if those two players are selected, it leaves an owner thin at running back and wide receiver, which are positions that usually carry more importance.

4. Know the people in the league

Knowing people and remembering their tendencies can really give a fantasy owner an advantage. For the draft, owners can plan ahead to select a better draft position to get the players they want. They can even know what to expect from round to round and pick players that they know won’t be available later in the draft if they really covet them.

This also helps for trades. If someone in the league likes a certain team and a player, more can be acquired out of a trade. As an added bonus, having players that another owner likes, then beating them with those players will drive them up a wall.

5. Put mobile notifications on for NFL insiders’ Twitter accounts

Any owner that wants to win the league needs to be aware of the waiver-wire/free agents and make moves. Sometimes though it is hard to be the first person to hear the news of players being injured, out or other circumstances that have fantasy implications. The best way to get news fast is Twitter.

Putting mobile notifications on for NFL insiders like ESPN’s Adam Schefter, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Fox’s Jay Glazer will make sure that an owner will know about news about as fast as possible. The notifications will send through to a phone faster than apps. Once an owner knows the information they can make the correct moves for their roster, hopefully before another owner does.


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