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Week 9 review/week 10 preview

(Raiders vs. Vikings, courtesy of

(Raiders vs. Vikings, courtesy of

W9 Review/W10 Predictions

Remember if you will, a division so bad last year that the division winner had only 7 WINS!  The total division wins for the NFC South were 22 at years end….well guess which division has the most wins of the NFL so far this year at 21 thru W9!

Hard to think that Eddie Lacy was picked Top 5 in most leagues, with just 10 yards this past week.

Tyrod Taylor will likely rush for 80 yards tonight and throw for 300/3.  Jets DEF plays a tight man coverage which it leaves vulnerable to the running QB.

With Dion Lewis now down for the Patriots as RB…what no-name, never-has-been, recent grocery-store clerk, mild-mannered, unknown quantity, secluded and surreptitious, masked, exotic, nameless RB will we all be fighting for to pick up next week?  Stay tuned….same bat time….same bat channel!

Drew Brees is now playing the part of Drew Brees, at least for the last two weeks,  but his stand-in (Brew Drees) is able and ready to show up if needed….

RB DeAngelo Williams is doing his best “Beast-Mode” impersonation to sold-out shows now, and it appears as though the show should continue until the final curtain call.

How does one put up 284 yards without a TD?  Asking for a friend.

STAT OF THE WEEK:  2.1%-  That is the ESPN FFL stat of how many owners have Blaine Gabbert on their roster!  (82%) is the percent of people who read this that will go check this stat out themselves!

Imagine M. Evans WR stats if he had great hands?

JPP was eager to give a “high 3.2” to the closest player he could find after his first tackle.

Unless FFL leagues change rules to “TEAM RB” stats, then the Philly situation is simply frustrating as both Murray and Mathews had good performances, but together they may a stud.  Hmmm…maybe some surgery to combine the two into one Frankenback?  We’ll call him Murrmat!

McFadden RB should now be considered a RB1 now that he is unencumbered by that pesky Rhandle.

Week 10

Vegas has the highest scoring prediction from the Patriots/Giants game, and second is the Saints/Redskins.  The latter being mostly saints points!

I kind of expect Green Bay to put on a clinic against rival Lions this week to get some respect back.  Rodgers will make up for his 77 yard outing with this game as they will be leaping in Lambo.

Carolina Def is a must start clash against the Titans.  Giggity.

Bears at Rams…snoozer alert…Jeffrey WR and Gurley RB  yes, maybe Bennett TE.

Brees should put up good numbers, value in weekly FFL.  (wink)

Dolphins and Eagles has playoff implications so expect a grind, but not much scoring.

Browns will throw everything but the sink at Pitt this week to keep relevant, and Landry QB will have hands full.  But with talent imbalance the Steelers will win.  The only 3 players from this game to play are Brown WR, Bryant WR and Williams RB.

The best game of the week might just be the Vikings/Raiders game…as the mascots might imply that there will be some plundering, thieving, groping and just plain anarchy goin on in that game!  Start ‘em if ya got ‘em!

Patriots vs Giants game will be normal 35-28 type of game with Brady winning and getting the girl in the end.  ( of the game)

Must play DEF of the week: Broncos at home vs rival Chiefs.  Sit all Chiefs.

Most curious game of the week:  Arizona at Seattle.  Should be a great game.

Bengals will look to avenge the Texans for 2 previous playoff losses by lop-sided win.  Play the usual suspects in this game.