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Fantasy Baseball Strategies with the Delayed Season

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The 2020 Major League Baseball season has taken a huge setback to its start date. This means that fantasy baseball will not be underway until the MLB regular season starts. However, this extra time to prepare could be used by fantasy owners in a productive way. Here are some tips for fantasy baseball owners that could help improve their team for the delayed season.

Take Some Risks

Sometimes taking a player that has shown inconsistency in past seasons could be a risky pick. Even some players like Khris Davis or Jose Ramirez could make some owners reluctant to take them after their recent struggles. Since the season is starting at least a month later than usual, taking some of these guys might work out to get a fantasy team more points. For example, if they play less than 162 games, some inconsistent players may experience less slumps. Guys that struggled last season could use this time to work on their swing or another aspect of the game.

Pitchers have some extra time to take care of their arms and get ready for the season, which can also help them prevent injury and pitch some more quality innings. Keeping an eye on pitchers can help fantasy teams as well.

Watch for Updates on Injured Players

Fantasy Baseball 2020

Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge (Image from

Sometimes injured players can be a tough decision for a fantasy owner. He could just wind up spending a lot of the season on the bench if the injury lasts a while. With the delayed season, some of these players who were set to be out for a couple of weeks should be ready to play on Opening Day. Multiple Yankees, including Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, could now be ready for the start of the regular season which can increase their already high fantasy value.

Look at Free Agents

Sometimes, mistakes happen in fantasy drafts. Whether someone steps away and gets an auto-pick, or just an overall poor decision was made, it happens. If it happens this season, fantasy owners will have more time to look through the free agents in their league and decide if they want to make a transaction. Of course trades are a typical part of fantasy leagues as well. The delayed start could give owners more time to talk about a pre-season trade.

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