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Baseball Bets: Top Players for A Winning MLB Fantasy Lineup

If you’re into sports that involve a bat and a ball, then there are only two things to choose from. It’s either going to be cricket or baseball. However, people talk about the latter most of the time. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the globe, with over 500 million fans. Additionally, the grandest organization for baseball is Major League Baseball.

Major League Baseball or MLB is the most anticipated live baseball game every year. But with the global pandemic at hand, the MLB was forced to postpone many of its games. It was not until recently did the season continue. For precautionary measures, a limited number of staff and players were allowed during the game, and no audience was admitted to the stadium.

So, how can a baseball enthusiast participate and cheer for their favorite team? First, you can always watch it on live television or the internet, while staying indoors. Second, you can read it in the local newspaper. Third, you can enjoy the game while earning something extra on the side. By that, we mean participating in MLB Daily Fantasy Sports.


One thing you should remember is “saving salary but choosing quality players.” To do that, you need to allocate the salary for player spots that contribute to bigger points in the fantasy matchups. For MLB Daily Fantasy picks, it would help if you opted not to spend so much on a top stud catcher. You can choose from the second-tier players to save some salary.

J.T. Realmuto is leading in terms of positions in runs and stolen bases, next in line is Gary Sanchez. They are the top studs as catchers in the fantasies, based on their performance last season. With that, expect high ownership during the preseason. However, you should consider Mitch Garver, Yasmani Grandal, and Salvador Perez as catchers in your lineup.

First Baseman

You can never run out of options for a quality first baseman, as there are plenty in the MLB. Put a lot of thought into it as they contribute high scores during fantasy matchups. Since it’s so early in the season, you might want to see the player’s performance last year. Analyze your chances when choosing a player in terms of batting averages and stolen bases.

Our top choice for the first baseman is Cody Bellinger, Freddie Freeman, Pete Alonso, and Paul Goldschmidt. They gave an excellent performance last season, putting them at the top of the charts. Other sets of choices are Matt Olson, Anthony Rizzo, and Josh Bell.

Second Baseman

Any top player can be an excellent second baseman. However, it is a matter of putting them in a position spot, as they can be useful anywhere. Choosing a second baseman is relative to your strategy. You can either save some salary for this position or spend big by choosing a top stud. Regardless, don’t forget that it is also dependent on your league mates.

Jonathan Villar, Dee Gordon, and Whit Merrifield are the top suggestions as 2B for your lineup. They have the most stolen bases and gave an outstanding performance last season. However, you might also find sleepers during this season, if they are only given daily playing time. You should consider Nick  Madrigal and Garrett Hampson.

Third Baseman

There’s a lot of quality third baseman for this season. Take note to snag the best available 3B possible. However, high ownership is expected for the latter rounds during fantasy matchups. You might also discover some sleepers or potential breakouts. Though, make sure that your 3B works well with your lineup and your strategy.

Top studs and suggestions for a quality 3B are Jose Ramirez, Nolan Arenado, Alex Bregman, and Anthony Rendon. They have a high chance of contributing high scores during matchups, and they are also safe bets. For second-tier players, you can choose Eugenio Suarez, Yoan Moncada, and Rafael Devers.


Shortstops are very important in Daily Fantasy Sports. Luckily, this year, you have quite a load to choose from. Nothing is more significant than choosing a quality shortstop for your lineup- a player that works well in your strategy. There are many first-round talents to choose, but make sure you factor in the power and speed when selecting a  potential SS.

Top in the list is Alex Bregman, Francisco Lindor, and Trevor Story. They have higher SBs and guaranteed home runs, based on their performance last season. Higher chances of winning are in place if you consider them for your lineup. However, you can also choose Fernando Tatis Jr., Trea Turner, and Jonathan Villar for the later rounds.


Veterans playing MLB DFS have already sourced out and studied for their lineup this season. If you don’t want to be left behind, try reading draft picks and guidelines when joining the daily fantasy sports. Moreover, watching the sports news and reviewing the given odds will also elevate your chances of winning during matchups.

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