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League of Legends: The Fantastic Four of LCS Week Two

Wildturtle, Darshan, Doublelift, and Dhokla are the fantastic four of week two fo the 2019 LCS Spring Split

Week two of the 2019 LCS Spring Split played out last weekend, and, as always, certain players stepped up. The Fantastic Four recognizes four different players from different teams that exhibited different strengths in their gameplay. To review the qualifications for these awards, read last week’s piece.

Wildturtle is The Thing in week two of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

The Thing – FLY Wildturtle

FlyQuest has had a great start to the split, sporting a 3-1 record. WildTurtle has performed well in all of their games, and in week 2 he held strong in the win and loss. His Draven did not snowball as one would hope, but he did end the match against CLG with the highest gold in the game. Wildturtle finished the win against TSM with the most gold, as well, but actually took over on Kai’Sa.

In both matches, FlyQuest drafted Wildturtle’s champions after the opponents drafted their bottom laner. This adds a certain amount of pressure, because it means another player is probably having to blind pick into their match-up. Luckily, Wildturtle has stood firm with JayJ in laning phase, and carried that strength over into team fights.

Darshan is Mr. Fantastic of week two of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Mr. Fantastic – CLG Darshan

Week one was not nice to Darshan, who showed a sub-par Akali performance against OpTic Academy Gaming and got subbed out against Team Liquid. However, he bounced back big time in week two versus FlyQuest and Cloud9. Darshan ended the weekend 5-0-10, with two monstrous Sion games.

To make his performance more impressive, Darshan played one game into V1per’s Aatrox and the other against a Viktor counter-pick for Licorice, and both enemy junglers on Lee Sin. Neither carry top laner was able to get anything going. Darshan played a particularly big role in their win against FlyQuest, alongside PowerOfEvil, scaling to an unkillable level.

Doublelift is the Human Torch of week two of the 2019 LCs Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Human Torch – TL Doublelift

Doublelift has had an excellent start to the split, and already shows strong synergy with new support CoreJJ. This bottom lane is clearly the best in the LCS, and Doublelift got to pop off in week two. 100 Thieves really set him up for success by drafting Viktor into bottom lane, allowing Liquid to nab the Xayah-Rakan and dominating the lane. A similar situation occurred versus Piglet and Vulcan of Clutch Gaming, with TL drafting Sivir-Braum in response to the Caitlyn.

Doublelift finished the weekend 7-1-16, one of the highest KDAs in week two. Nothing else really needs to be said. Until someone else really steps up and has some consistently strong games, then Doublelift will stay on top in North America. His teammate Jensen won the Human Torch last week. Which member of Team Liquid will take it next week?

Dhokla is the Invisible Woman of week two of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Invisible Woman – OPT Dhokla

While OpTic had a 1-1 weekend, Dhokla showed some fantastic games to start his year. Game one versus Clutch saw a complex draft, with Rumble picked into Akali, then drafting Sion last pick into Jayce. OpTic gave Dhokla Sion into the Jayce, shutting Huni down completely.

In game two, OpTic drafted Urgot first and Echo Fox sent Solo into lane with Ornn. Unfortunately, Dardoch’s last pick Rengar did not really fit into a team composition, and Echo Fox ran away with the match. However, Dhokla secured an early kill top and the only other OpTic kill later in the game. As a top laner that sometimes gets overlooked, he played both the tank and carry match-ups fairly well this week.


Images from LoL Esports Flickr

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