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Worlds Group Stage 2018 top 30 players: 5-1

We’ve finally reached the end of this list. Behold the top 5 players at Worlds as voted on by The Game Haus staff. Every player here has proven themselves as some of the best players the World has to offer. While it’s a KT Rolster filled portion, none of them are the best. Who is? Let’s find out!

5. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, Support, KT Rolster

Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

With a career as legendary as Mata’s, you would think he would be falling off at this point. While his play has fallen off a bit, Mata can still hang with any support in the world. While still being one of the best supports in the world, Mata continues to be a key shotcaller and playmaker for KT Rolster. With everything he does for the team, Mata has shown how important he still is even in a team filled with stars. After a season of struggles, Mata and the rest of KT Rolster finally find themselves in the promised land of Worlds. Will they be able to complete their fantastic run and lift the Summoner’s Cup? With Mata around, anything is possible.

Comment: “One of the most legendary support players in LoL’s history, Mata rounds out a KT Rolster team of stars. He is aggressive, calculated, and a veteran without stage nerves. Mata has a Thresh skin from winning Worlds 2014 with Samsung White, and he is hoping to add another this year. In a meta which encourages support play-making and macro, Mata should shine. His Tahm Kench and Shen allow Mata to show up anywhere on the Rift at any time. He is one of the only supports in the world right now that completely warps the game around him, which is why he deserves top five at Worlds 2018.” -Thomas Baker

4. Go “Score” Dong-bin, Jungler, KT Rolster

Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

As one of the oldest players at the tournament, Score has shown that age has only made him better. Coming into the tournament as one of the best junglers and a LCK title under his belt, Score will now compete for the Summoner’s Cup. Honestly, there’s not much to say about Score that his legacy and level of play doesn’t say for him. The fact that the current KT Rolster roster was built around players who wanted to play with him is all you need to know about how special Score is as a jungler. Now that he has a title, will Score be able to continue his winning ways and win it all at Worlds?

Comment: “It’s a testament to how good Score is that, on a KT super team with top 5 laners in the world at each position, Score is still their primary win condition. The team exclusively drafts lanes with early priority so that Score can use his unrivaled decision-making and pathing to dominate the map from level one with surgical precision. The surprise here is that Old Man Score’s mechanics haven’t tapered off in the slightest, showcasing his marksman mechanics from his early KT Bullets days on the Kindred. Just, don’t get excited, please.” -Taylor Damaschi

3. Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho, Top, KT Rolster

Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

Despite a roster filled with world-class players and carry potential from all over the map, Smeb is still the best player on the roster. In a region filled with talented top laners, Smeb is able to constantly dominate his matchups. While Smeb has been in this very situation coming into Worlds in the past with ROX tigers, the Summoner’s Cup continues to elude him. Will this be the year that Smeb can carry a team to lift the cup? Or will another disappointing Worlds be his fate? The fate of Korea’s dominance lies in the hands of Smeb and the KT Rolster now.

Comment: “It was only two years ago that Smeb surprised everyone as Riots #1 player at worlds. Since then people have seen him continue to assert his dominance as the best top laner in the world. KT Rolster is a top team once again and Smeb is a major reason why.” -Robert Hanes

2. Song “Rookie” Eui-jin, Mid, Invictus Gaming

Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

Since fans last saw Rookie at Worlds, he has developed into the best mid laner in the world. While the entire Invictus Gaming roster is full of talented and capable players, Rookie is still the key player the team relies on. It’s not hard to see why; Rookie has been absolutely dominant in the LPL and now he has a chance to further prove his status as the best mid in the World. If Invictus Gaming wants to win Worlds, Rookie will be relied upon to carry the team to the finish line.


Comment: “Without a doubt the best mid laner and arguably one of the best players in the world right now, Rookie has only gotten better since his last appearance at Worlds. Now with an even stronger team behind him, Rookie will fight to finally have a shot at winning it all. With how great he’s been playing recently it should be no surprise to anyone that he lands in the 2nd spot on our list.” -Rui Yang Xu

1. Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, ADC, Royal Never Give Up

Courtesy of: LoL Esports Flickr

Was there any doubt that Uzi would be the best player at Worlds this season? This whole year has been filled with wins for Royal Never Give Up. A huge reason for their success was UZI himself. No matter who’s up against him on the other side of the lane, Uzi along with support Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming has been able to win the matchup. Uzi has always been the runner-up at Worlds, but this year not only is the team around him better, but they’re the favorites to win it all. Will Uzi finally lift the Summoner’s Cup? Or will another 2nd place be his fate? Regardless of what happens, he starts out Worlds with the title of the best player.

Comment: “He has shown it for years but has never been able to get to the top. This year should be the year for Uzi. He’s already won MSI, the LPL and Faker isn’t at Worlds. RNG are definitely the favorite and that is because of Uzi.” -Robert Hanes


Here’s a quick look at the entire top 30 one last time:

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