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Will Esports Bets Be as Popular as Traditional Sports Soon?

Esports is a competition for video gamers. Tournaments may be organized between professional or amateur players. The term Esports stands for electronic sports which means the games are played via electronics or technology. Esports has gained popularity a lot in the last decade. Statistics indicate that at least 380 million people watch esports each year. They also indicate that another half of that number watches esports but not regularly. This shows that esports is a field with huge untapped potential. The rate at which this industry is growing will attract investors and thus there is money to be made.

Gambling has been there way before esports. Trending or emerging sports automatically end up being integrated with betting. Esports is no different since many people are now turning towards this new form of sports. Many big betting sites are now offering esports betting. This might be translated to be the direct result of esports’ current popularity. The growth of this sport has led to many organizations being formed such as British Esports Association to increase awareness and manage the sport.

There are many nations such as the UK that have embraced esports fully. Better to move with time rather than to be left behind right? This is the policy that betting sites are opting to follow now. Sites such as Betway jumped into this venture and they are making awesome amounts of money from esports. Some of the gamblers and betting experts online even say that esports betting is better than betting on the usual games.

Games offered in esports

There is a huge variety of games played in esports. The games are categorized according to how they are played, how many players are involved and whether they are played in real-time.
The games include.

Fighting games– These are games that involve combat. The popular games are, Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom, Killer Instinct, Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter. These games were fast to be played. These games can be played up to professional levels. The games are loved by many people since they offer major tournaments for their players.

First-person shooter-These games can be played by a single person or by a team. The game involves the stimulation of a firefight from a first-person perspective. Classic examples of these games are European Team Fortress 2 League and Team Fortress 2.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena– These games are mostly played on personal computers. They were in the genre of real-time strategy games initially but they were later recognized as a different genre. Multiplayer online battle arena games are played by teams. Teams contain about 5 people who control a single hero each. To win on the game, the team players work together to realize a single objective or accomplish an intended mission together.

Metagame Change Predictions for League of Legends Worlds
The League of Legends World Championship beings on October 2nd. Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Racing Games– Racing games are organized annually or several times a year. There are many racing competitions each year such as iRacing which has been taking place since 2010. Gran Turismo Sport is another racing event that is organized to represent countries and manufacturers. The players of this race choose a manufacturer series and a country to represent when competing for The Nations Cup.

Sports Games– This is the most popular category of esports games. The main example of these games includes the FIFA series. These games are available for PCs as well as consoles. The major leagues such as Bundesliga and the English Premier League are organized and played by individuals or teams. There are also other games such a Madden which is a competition of the American Football game and NBA 2K played by basketball lovers.

Betting sites offering esports betting

Many gambling sites are offering esports betting to accommodate esports lovers. The popularity of this new sport is attracting more gamblers to betting sites. Some of the sites that offer esports betting include Betway which is among the biggest online betting company. All major betting companies are providing esports betting nowadays but you should just confirm on their website to be sure.

Advantages of Esports Betting

There are many benefits that esports betting brings to the gamblers as well as to the betting companies.

A large number of viewers
-This makes the sites gain huge profits from esports betting. This also means that more games are available for betting and therefore, gamblers have something to stake their money on all the time. A large number of viewers translate to a large number of esports enthusiasts who later join the world of esports. This enables the esports industry to grow continuously year after year.

Better Sponsorship deals – Investors now trust the ability of esports to make them money. This has made sponsors invest in esports since it is an industry that is growing rapidly. Better deals mean that esports will be regulated to meet all set standards which will make the sport grow and the gamblers enjoy it even more.

Increase in profits and prize money – We would all love to win huge amounts of money whether we love betting or not. The increase in prize money has attracted many people to esports lately. The hefty rewards given to tournament winners have led to an increase in players over time. More people in esports mean more money for esports betting.

The Future of Esports and Esports betting

The future of esports has never been brighter. More and more people are pouring upon these sports to enjoy their fun and benefits. In the coming months, Esports will be encouraged for students in schools to help in teaching practical skills and lessons. More games and esports betting sites will be introduced to cater for the ever-growing needs of esports fans. Esports is not meant to replace football or regular games betting but rather it is going to be among the most popular betting games in the coming future. The states that have not legalized esports betting if any, will do it to keep up with the current trend.

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