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Week Six: Luminosity Gaming’s Current Standing


With only one week left to go in the spring split, Luminosity Gaming has continued to show time and again that they deserve their spot in the pros. Unfortunately, with only the top two teams moving on to Masters in May, it’s unlikely that LG will be moving on for the spring split. That said, matches have been very even in North America versus the European rankings with every team performing remarkably well. Let’s take a look at the moving parts and see how the Luminosity machine is running as we move into week six.


What started out as a very safe, slow solo lane has slowly evolved as Ismael “KikiSoCheeky” Torres has become more comfortable with what his team can handle. His god picks have remained fairly consistent, favoring guardians such as Artio and Cerberus over more traditional warrior picks. With how strong magical gods and assassins presently are this is not terribly surprising, but it’s always exciting to see.


Keegan “Keegsmate” Twoeagle has been one of the most interesting players to follow this season. After transitioning from console, he has continued to show that he can just as easily contend on the PC. While he’s no Baskin, Keegs is certainly no slouch either. His form on god picks such as Poseidon and Scylla have been impressive to watch. He consistently brings the damage for the team and has no problem following up on opportunities when presented. You can see a great example of this from week five’s match up against Splyce. The Kraken follow-ups on Poseidon to NotGeno’s Dharmic Pillars on Ganesha to keep Divios’ Cerberus shut down during team fights were masterful.



Conor “Clout” Roberts, formerly Vetium, is a relatively fresh face but no stranger to the scene. While never underperforming, much like the rest of his team, he has continued to improve with each passing week. With picks like Sol and Hachiman, he has continuously brought the pressure in dual lane. Clout has shown he has no problem out pressuring his opponents and certainly deserves his spot on the team. It’s refreshing to see the new blood, Clout and Keegs, holding their own in North America.


Michael “NotGeno” Lukashin, the support of Luminosity, has been a solid foundation for the team. With regular god picks of Athena and Sylvanus, Geno has done well applying pressure and keeping his teammates alive consistently. Between Geno and Kiki, the amount of sustain these two are putting out makes it difficult to take down LG when they come together for late game pushes. The biggest concern with Luminosity has been reaching that comfort zone as a team, and Geno is certainly there. He knows when to initiate, when to setup, and when he needs to protect his team to secure objectives or get them out of a fight.


SmiteKurt “Weak3n” Schray has made a very interesting transition in the weeks since the spring split began. When Luminosity started the season, they were a team finding a way to work around Weak3n. His Arachne was dominating the jungle, and his team was helping to make sure he could secure those gank opportunities. Now, while still a strong component to the team, Weak3n is more of a utility and less the whole tool. Given the opportunity though, Weak3n excels at his role. Not only that, he has been one of the few players to utilize Achilles to great result. Should he continue to show how dangerous he can be with the Hero of the Trojan War, it will be difficult for opponents to find a way to keep him from dominating in the jungle.

Week Six

This coming week, Luminosity will have their rematch with eUnited. The defending champions didn’t look too strong earlier in the season when they faced off but have returned to fighting form. Much of whether or not LG can secure another victory against EU will be that team element. Both teams have players that have proven they can excel in their individual roles. Who can make the better calls and is able to secure more objectives will be the deciding factor. The way that Luminosity has shaped up coming onto the scene , it won’t be easy match for eUnited.

You can find all of the hot plays during week six live on Mixer. The broadcast will be streamed exclusively through the SmiteGame channel on Mixer.

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