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Vivid goes to Liquid: What does this mean for Fortnite?

Vivid goes to Liquid: What does this this mean for Fortnite?

As of August 29 2018, Noah “Vivid” Wright is officially a member of Team Liquid. Important to realize that this event opens a rift to the age of Liquid. All the pieces are here, ready to deliver some high level Fortnite. This signing is an event that will go in the books in Fortnite’s history. Let’s go over the elements that form this event, and what makes it so important.


Vivid goes to Liquid: What does this this mean for Fortnite?
Courtesy of Epic Games

Originally a console player, Vivid bought himself a PC one and a half years ago. Out of this he met PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, and put in quite some work. His drive brought him to play around 250 hours that exposed him to the battle royale format for the first time. Due to the game’s issues, Vivid stopped playing. After that he drifted into the casual universe, and picked up his Xbox controller a couple of times a week to play Old School Runescape. Eventually he got a few friends to join him in the PC realm, and out of boredom discovers Fortnite Battle Royale.

In February 2018 he starts to grind his victories with a couple of friends. His passion is born, and as he gets hooked his skill rises.

Jump in to the Summer Skirmish’s week one, and Vivid is at the top of the pros, and his professional career is kick started as he continues with his devastating momentum. During the first seven weeks of Epic’s Summer Skirmish he collects four number one placings, and seven top 10 placings. Not a simple feat as Fortnite holds a high level of randomness that can easily play a bad hand to the player.

Vivid shows the world that consistency is achievable in Fortnite a feat that paves the way for the games success as an esport.


Vivid goes to Liquid: What does this this mean for Fortnite?
Liquids symbol. Courtesy of LiquidDota

Team liquid consists of Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan, Jake “Poach” Brumleve, Ryan “Chap” Chaplo and Adam “Strafesh0t” Crawford. The level of consistency they bring to the Summer Skirmish is admirable. Most of them have victories under their belt, as their Summer Skirmish showing has been solid. Now Vivid gives the roster a huge boost with his massive talent. Steve Arhancet, co-CEO and owner of Liquid, states that his focus is in achieving victory. Signing Vivid is the natural course to take when focusing in competition. When a squad tournament finally hits the scene they will make their presence known. Putting all this talent together dramatically increases Liquid’s chance to shine.

Vivid adds a level of play to Liquid that cements them as a top organization in the Fortnite scene. Now all the organization needs is time. During the next months we will see how everything unwinds, and how Liquid handles all the changes.

Due to Vivid’s arrival, Strafesh0t gets to sit on the bench. An event to watch out for as time passes.


Vivid has shown how he can dominate Fortnite. Delivering a level of consistency that the top players wish to emulate. For this reason his addition to Liquid marks an era where they will dominate the Fortnite scene. All this talent put together should hit, hard.

It is safe to say that the future is bright for Liquid. Their path will inevitably lead them to make some noise as they make their way to becoming a household name .The expectations are sky high for this all star roster. As Fortnite grows make sure to keep an eye on Liquid because they will deliver.


Featured photo courtesy of Epic Games

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