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Video Interview with Tyler Combs: Is the Amateur League Scene Dying?

Contracts are not all they seem to be.

Once again we seem to find ourselves in the middle of Amateur League Contract drama. With recent events coming to the surface it comes time to teach the next generation of League players to always be wary especially when dreams are on the line. I sat down to talk with Super Nova’s CEO Tyler Combs about his point of view and his thoughts going forward. Tyler talks about how we can use unfortunate series of events like this as an experience we can use to help future players learn and avoid being taken advantage of.

The Amateur Scene and its potential.

With the professional scene beginning to franchise, it is quickly coming to be that the amateur scene is suddenly going to make or break for a lot of players dreams in League. Combines will quickly become the norm and contracts and money will be flying around even more now than ever. With the influx of exposure also comes shady individuals. A large number of players are still very young and some Organization owners are using that to their advantage.

Blue Rose is the very essence of what we can not have if we want players to feel comfortable following their passion. The players involved unfortunately paid the price for the rest of the scene, but as an overall learning experience it becomes a one time cost. Along with owners such as Tyler who are there for the players first and foremost, there are still options for up and comers in the AM scene.

As a final message to everyone involved with any level of Esports, Tyler as well as myself, encourage you to always receive a second opinion every time you receive a contract. With so much on the line you deserve to have to option to clear all doubts from Organization interactions.

For more on this, please watch my interview with Tyler.

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