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Unconventional Cores

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Also known as “a good way to get flamed”. But, if you’re tired of picking Spectre over and over and over again, try these. Some of them can actually be pretty decent!

: Such as him. Earthshaker’s Enchant Totem is practically a 100% chance, x4 critical hit. If used preemptively, it can be used at least twice in a single fight because of its low cooldown, resulting in tons of damage. This Hero is actually pretty underestimated when built with damage items. Shadow Blade, Armlet, Desolator and Daedalus can be really effective.

: Abaddon, on the other hand, may not be that reliable. However, an active game with him as a core can really pay off. He’s a better pusher than you think through Curse of Avernus and his Shield. Aghanim’s is a good way to help your team survive. Radiance+Octarine sounds interesting. And there’s always the Drums+Sange and Yasha racecar build.

: While Dazzle is a great support, he can also work really well with some items and especially levels than you may think. A middle lane Dazzle has the luxury of maxing out his Poison Touch first and be active. Shadow Wave and Weave can be great for early/mid engagements. I’d get Treads+Urn+Solar Crest on him (don’t forget, all his spells deal physical damage).

: This is more of an alternate build style. Night Stalker is considered more of an offlaner nowadays, however he can still do his traditional mid role and go for damage items instead. What’s good about him is that he can still be effective early on without too many items, so you can get a Midas and be a hybrid-carry. We’ve seen people get Armlet, so there’s no reason to not continue to that direction, with something like Desolator+BKB+Abyssal+Daedalus.

: Yes, I know Doom has had his share of plays, but mostly as a utility. He can really work as a safelane carry as well. He can farm really well, and can output a lot of damage with an Alpha Wolf in his belly. Octarine synergizes well with him, and also boosts his farm (lower Devour and Midas cooldown), so Radiance is also an option. A permanent damage aura and critical obviously means you can also get typical right-click items as well.

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