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Twitch Rivals Teamfight Tactics Day 1 Recap

Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Day 1 Recap

Day one of the Twitch Rivals Teamfight Tactics Tournament has come to a close. A brand new patch dropping on the day of the biggest tournament in the game’s life is something so out of the ordinary that it will likely never be seen again.

While many of the participants have been practicing the patch on the PBE, there were still many changes made even right before the patch shipped. You got to see the meta develop as the tournament rolled on. Both the expected, and unexpected have had a showcase. The 16 streamers that have moved on to day two have been decided, with both surprise standouts and left-outs to boot.


Placements: Who Advanced to Tomorrow?

There were two groups of 32 participants each playing at different times. In each group, four lobbies played simultaneously. There were five rounds with the players changing lobbies for every round. The top 8 from each group, based on total money earned, advanced to the next day.

Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Day 1 Recap
Image Courtesy of Twitch

From Group A, Uthenera took first place with SuperJJ right behind him. General and TidesOfTime rounded out the top 4. GN, Wtcn, GoBGG and Amaz made up the last of the 8 players advancing.

Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Day 1 Recap
Image Courtesy of Twitch

From Group B, JoshOG and Becca both had very consistent days, with Ibaai and Ness having their pop-off moments. The final four advancing contain the staples of Scarra, Reckful, Dogdog and Kripp.

The biggest surprises of day one have to be the inclusion of Ibaai, a Spanish League of Legends caster (who won 3 of his 5 games), and the exclusion of fan favorites Hafu and DisguisedToast. Regardless, we have a very strong final 16 participants going into the final day of the tournament tomorrow.

Meta Report

While the PBE did showcase many of the changes present on this patch, this tournament has solidified the rise of the strongest compositions present in the game. Some were standard while some were unexpected, so here’s a look.

Ninjas + Assassins Reign Supreme

Many of the winning compositions on the day comprised of the already known Ninjas and Assassins composition. While frequently paired with Elementalists to provide the nerfed Daisy for front line, sometimes Brawlers or even Imperials took that spot. Akali and Pyke had two of the highest top 4 percentages for individual champions, further highlighting the domination of this comp.

Draven Still the King

In terms of raw damage output, Draven still can’t be beat. He does require item and synergy thresholds to truly come online, but he is still a strong bet to get you to top 4. While he can fit into many compositions as a filler to increase your damage, he was often seen being run with Elementalists and full Imperials.

Guardians on the Rise

With Braum and Leona receiving massive buffs, as well as Assassin meta being in full swing, the Guardian bonus is stronger than ever. It was also changed so that it can stack as many times as you want on a single unit. This even caused 3 Guardians to be a viable flex option depending on your opponent.

Gunslingers are no Joke

Gunslingers were on the receiving end of many buffs due to item changes. Cursed Blade is now one of the top items in the game. Along with Hush, Sword Breaker and Red Buff, Gunslingers now have tons of options to play with their insane on-hit potential. With the addition of Twisted Fate, Pirates are now also an easy transition.

Beware of the Carry Bear

Gunslingers weren’t the only, or even most effective class to receive a buff in this way. Four Brawlers with a stacked Volibear had tons of success on the day. Volibear’s ability to proc multiple on-hits for every auto attack using his chain lightning has made him a monster with items. Him being a Glacial gives the potential for AOE stuns. Demon Bear was also a favorite option, adding Mana Drain onto the long list of possibilities for Carry Bear to maul a team.


With day two less than 14 hours away, one can only imagine what the remaining players are going to bring to the table. We may see new compositions, counters, adaptations and more, so stay tuned to the tournament and our coverage to see who reigns supreme!


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