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Turning on the try hard with the 10 ban system

With the 10 ban system coming to League of Legends in patch 7.11, we at TGH want to help you get the most of this new concurrent ban system.


The 10 concurrent ban system will have all players banning champions simultaneously after they are given the option to hover the pick they wish to play. Bans are done blind, meaning that the enemy team cannot see the ban each player hovers. Players are given 30 seconds to lock in a ban before the bans are revealed, thereby allowing players to start picking their champions. Because bans are made blind, repeat bans can occur resulting in less than 10 unique champion bans.

The Strategy

With 10 bans – five per team – you have the opportunity to completely dismantle a role. With your teammates hovering their picks, hopefully, you can rally them – once again, hopefully – to attack one specific role in order to force the enemy team onto an uncomfortable pick.  


Banning Yasuo is a two in one ban. It prevents your teammates from picking it while also denying your opponents. Courtesy of leagueoflegends

Deciding what role to ban out is easy, as long as your teammate is comfortable on playing a less popular pick. At any given time, ADC and jungle have the least amount of viable champions, so choose one of those roles to ban out depending on your allies champion pool.


After picking what role to ban out, ban out champions based upon their play rate over their win rate. That being said, do not ban champions with a high play rate but a sub 50 percent win rate for obvious reasons.

Don’t ban pop culture bans

Yes, Lulu is frustrating to play against, but she has a 47 percent win rate which is lower than 21 other supports that you can ban.  And yes, the Yasuo meme is fun, and he is pretty strong right now, but banning out top and middle lane is typically the wrong call given the number of viable champions in these roles. On top of this, Yasuo is getting nerfed in patch 7.11, making him less of a threat than ever before. Like Lulu, Graves, the 11th most banned champion currently holds one of the lowest win rates in the jungle. Both of these win rates are due to some recent nerfs for the two champions discussed. Remember to adapt your bans to patches as champions get nerfed. Avoid autopilot bans.


Start off by communicating to your team what role you would like to target ban. For this example, ADC will be targeted.

Continue by doing your research and listing the champions you would like to ban. As of today, the best bans would be Caitlin, Lucian, Ashe, Twitch, Xayah. Xayah happens to be a particularly good ban right now because taking her out effectively removes Rakan as well due to the nature of their kits. These are the five most popular ADCs with a 50 percent win rate or higher. You may want to save one of these ADs for your team, but this forces the enemy to pick a suboptimal ADC that your team can then take advantage of.

The 10th most banned champion has a lower win rate than 21 other supports in platinum rank and higher. Courtesy of


Camping a lane is always an effective strategy to snowball leads, and this is made easier by camping a lane that you have forced your opponent to play a champion they are not comfortable on. While there are other strong ADs that have slipped through the banning phase, it is unlikely your opponent is practiced on them.

Your next step is to proceed to the victory screen, cash in on that sweet LP, and stay tuned into for more Solo Queue successes and esports coverage.

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Statistic Courtesy of OPGG. Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games


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