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TSM ZeRo might not be coming back to competitive Smash after all

When Smash for switch was announced, the smash community was set ablaze with hype. Not just at the prospect of a new Smash entry on Nintendos latest flagship console. But also because it gave us all a slight glimmer of hope, that TSM ZeRo might possibly come out of retirement early. This current Smash 4 season has been a lot different without ZeRo at every tournament. However it has also been one of the most interesting seasons to date. There was much speculation about whether or not Smash switch would all but force ZeRo to return to competitive play. however after viewing a video he released last week, that speculation could be all but over.

End of the road?

TSM ZeRo retired on top of the Smash 4 world

ZeRo recently released a video answering the million dollar question we’ve all been asking.  He spoke about how much he was enjoying being able to play games other than Smash. How much he loved streaming and interacting with his fans. Most importantly he spoke on how relieving it was to be away form the many pressures of competitive play. Not just the pressures of competing, but also the pressure of having to be the best year in and year out. Ultimately he concluded that he won’t be returning to competitive play when Smash switch releases. Rather he will focus on becoming a prominent figure in the community, who can help players become better.  He wants to be deeply involved in the community for the game and create content for the game, without having to worry about competing or being the best.

One of the biggest points he touched on was how much love he had for Smash. He’ll always be involved in the community, he just doesn’t want to compete anymore. At least not now with how much he’s been enjoying his time away. Being away from the pressures of competing and worrying about being the best. The community has been very supportive of his decisions, but it’s still a bittersweet outcome. It is disappointing to know that ZeRo may never compete at the same level as the smash 4 days but there is a very important message to take from this.

Looking forward

ZeRo’s retirement paved the way for a new Smash 4 champion to be crowned

TSM ZeRo is the most iconic Smash 4 player, and is certainly a big part of why the game became so successful as an Esport. This competitive season has been much different without him. However it has also been a very interesting season. The fact that we will finally have a new #1 player in the world crowned this season is huge. Players have been rising from the proverbial mid-card to prove their worth and rise higher in the ranking. The Meta has even changed a bit, as no one played Diddy Kong on the same level as him. All of this isn’t to imply that the game is better off without ZeRo. Rather it’s a look into the natural life cycle of a competitive game and even life

ZeRo’s reign as the best Smash 4 player was amazing, but it’s time to move on. He did, and it seems like the community is doing the same. It almost seems like poetic justice that the next iteration of Smash is coming so soon after ZeRo’s retirement. Making the last Smash 4 season before Smash switch belong to another # 1 player in the world. Lastly I think this also provides us all a very valuable lesson.

One can never know exactly what it feels like to be in the shoes of someone who appears to be on top of the world.

Do you think there is any possibility that ZeRo will return to his dominant competitive ways? Let us know in the comments down below


Featured image courtesy of Liquidpedia.

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