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Top 5 US Overwatch Players

It’s Independence Day in the United States! It has been a long time since the first one, so much so that we now have people playing video games for entertainment. Do you think Thomas Jefferson would have been a big fan of esports?

Anyways, we are going to look at the top 5 US born Overwatch players currently playing in the Overwatch League. Grab a hot dog, a cold beer and enjoy!

No. 5-  Sinatraa

The boy wonder finally graced us with his presence over the last half of the season. He was hyped up as a top Tracer player for a long time and was a former member of the USA team at Worlds last year.

Sinatraa jumped right in and started off strong. He almost lived up to the hype, which was massive. Once people started getting used to seeing him the hyped died down around him and started to surround the Shock as a team. With the addition of himself and super, a team that had started off so poorly went 11-9 over the last two stages and almost made both of their respective playoffs.

With a WinstonsLab rating of 1010 he may not be the highest rated player. Yet, his play near the end of the season showed that he is a top United States player and still has the potential to become one of the best in the world.

No. 4- Muma

Courtesy of: USA Today

Muma is starting to become an Overwatch League fan favorite. On a team that already has a very popular player in Jake, Muma showed that not only was he a great player but, also a fun one.

As the main tank for the Outlaws, Muma showed time and time again that he was the glue that kept this team together. While the team was struggling he was able to help bring consistent play across the board.

His versatility in the roll was also well know as he could play just about any tank. Muma’s player rating was a solid 1050 last season. It could have been higher if the Outlaws as a whole wouldn’t have struggled so much in the last half of the season.

Expect to see Muma on the US Worlds team. Also expect to see him playing ‘Hammond’, Overwatch’s newest tank during the offseason and in season two.

No. 3- Space

Courtesy of: The Omnic Post

The LA Valiant just won the Stage 4 finals and are clearly one of the best teams heading into playoffs, and Space was one of the biggest contributors. While he may not be as well known as Silkthread, Agilities, or Soon; Space was easily one of the best players on this squad last season.

This was all due to his consistency. His stats do the talking as he was almost always near a 2:1 KD ratio, his first kill differential was positive for the season and his ratings were nearly over 1000 the entire season. He finished the season with a 1059 overall rating, second on the Valiant behind Envy.

While he may not make flashy plays all the time, Space has shown that he is a top player in the US and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him make the Worlds roster.

No. 2- Rawkus

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This may not be a popular pick but, his stats speak from themselves. Last season there were entire matches where it seemed as though Rawkus was completely lost. One example would be in the 0-4 whopping the Outlaws received courtesy of the Shock.

But, if you go back and look the man played some mean Moria and Zenyatta throughout much of the season. He was one of the highest rated Moira’s in the entire league last year, consistently finishing with an over 1100 rating according to WinstonsLab on her. He also finished with a team high rating of 1101.

Rawkus is a top support in at least the Overwatch League and should also make the US Worlds team.

No. 1- Sleepy

2018-04-04 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Talk about underrated. This man was one of the best Zenyattas in the entire league and most people dont even know his name. Remember when we talked about the Shock’s turnaround? Yeah, this guy was a major part of that too.

Sleepy played well around his team as they brought in new young players. It did not matter who was out there with him, Sleepy was ready to keep them alive. While he did not put on the show that Jjonak did, his Zenyatta play was very strategic. This allowed him to position well and use his ultimates to great effectiveness.

Sleepy may not be the most heralded player but, numbers don’t lie. Expect him to make the Worlds team alongside Rawkus which should be a top tier support group.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this list of top players from the US. It will be interesting to see who on this list makes it onto the Worlds team as their announcement should be coming soon. Now, if you’re from the US, go and enjoy your Independence Day!

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