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Timeless Heroes of Dota

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While the game constantly changes and favours different picks each time, certain Heroes never seem to fade away completely. Not always, or ever, considered overpowered, their nature allows them to remain relevant no matter how many years and patches pass.

: Earthshaker, also known as “the-guy-that-practically-has-three-AoE-stuns”, possesses so much burst damage and lock down that can deal with pretty much anyone. He’s slightly more farm dependant compared to other supports/offlaners (not that playing him as a core is bad, really) but he’s more than worth it. You won’t find too many situations in which he’s rendered useless.

: What a surprise, the guy that provides spell and physical immunity is here. Better players may be able to work themselves around Omniknight, but he doesn’t have the highest win rate in pubs just for show. Used properly, he can be the cause of really one-sided matches.

: Ever since Io came out, it’s been a favorite in pro matches. It’s received its share of nerfs and yet still is considered perhaps the most potent supports in the game. The ability to take any ally core Hero and turn them into an immortal beast that can globally teleport can’t be taken lightly.

: The favorite carry of The International 1. There’s not much to say other than having a core with a straightforward, innate Blink will most likely always be considered powerful in this game. Because of it, Anti-mage can farm better, he’s hard to kill, and he can initiate/chase. Blink is perhaps the single most multi-purpose skill in Dota.

: Where most supports fall off, Vengeful Spirit shines. The concept of boosting her team’s physical damage output makes her very useful throughout the whole game and not just early on. Physical damage is effective against pretty much anything: Heroes, creeps, buildings, Roshans, and all that just by simply being there.

: While Shadow Fiend certainly has his weaknesses, he’s also the type that can deal with most opponents if the game goes well enough. Four damage-based skills can result in quick farm and early towers. While he isn’t as powerful a carry compared to others, being a solo Hero means he can come online earlier than others.

: A threat such as Broodmother couldn’t be missing from the list. She’s one of the few Heroes with the potential to decide the game’s result during the first 15 minutes. Countering her is not hard, but she’s always an option for some dirty last picks.

: It took quite a few years for Mirana to get a serious buff with her new Aghanim’s, maybe because people kept playing her no matter what. The combination of fun gameplay and an all-around mobile ganker into semi-carry allows her to fit into a lot of lineups.

: Windranger shares the same traits as Mirana. Reliable all-arounder with carry potential and harder than most to kill.

: For Rubick, it doesn’t really matter too much who his opponent is. His skillset was made to be equally useful against most lineups. And while insta-disables, nukes and auras are good, the ability to use any of the opponents’ spells against them is simply invaluable. He’s currently the most picked Hero in pro matches and with good reason.

: Who needs complex strategies when you can simply turn someone into a frog and kill them? Lion may be an easy kill, but he can also turn anyone into an equally easy kill for his team.

: Queen of Pain. You must be getting the pattern by now. Blink is strong. End of story.

: Yes, Dazzle‘s heals and armor buffs are useful. But Shallow Grave? That’s one crazy spell. Bursting a target down before they can react is generally the idea in a fight, but Dazzle can take that away. For the same reason, I think Oracle will become equally timeless eventually.

: Dark Seer‘s strength lies in numbers, and I don’t mean his allies. All of his stats, as in Attributes, Mana costs, Cooldowns, and Damage outputs are insane. His lane control, farm and team fight wouldn’t be nearly as scary without the double Ion Shells, the 2.5 cooldown 50 manacost Hastes and the 6.68 starting armor. He’s never been easy to deal with.

: The guy with the 10 spells dropped by to say hi. Invoker goes beyond being an all-arounder, he’s simply anything he wants to be. Nerfs or no nerfs, he’s one of those Heroes you’re glad to have on your side.


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