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Overwatch League Recap: Seoul Dynasty vs LA Gladiators

Gladiators versus Seoul

The Seoul Dynasty Win 3-1

Overwatch League
Seoul Dynasty by Robert Paul

Starting Michelle rather than Zunba, and Jecse rather then Tobi, the Seoul Dynasty came out on Illios flexing a few of their off season pick-ups. With the hometown crowd roaring for the LA Gladiators, the Seoul Dynasty originally struggled.

Ilios – Dynasty 0 – 2 Gladiators

Trying to force a solo tank triple DPS composition had Fissure on Wrecking ball with Michelle on Pharah and that meant a lack of sustain for the only tank on the field. Fissure was caught out often with no exit. The Seoul Dynasty could not take advantage of the disruption Fissure was creating and would lose the control map.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Kings Row – Dynasty 3 – 1 Gladiators

Off of Control and into hybrid Seoul came to life in their triple support composition with their veteran leader, RyuJehong on Ana / Zenyatta, and flex player Michelle on Sombra. Even on the traditional triple tank, triple support composition; from rotations to managing resources to the front line when necessary, the Seoul Dynasty came to life on Kings Row.

Horizon Lunar Colony – Dynasty 1 – 0 Gladiators

For assault, the Gladiators chose to take the fight to space in Horizon Lunar Colony. It was here that the Dynasty would hold the Gladiators on the first point only giving up 90% to the control meter. Going up two to one, with a little help from Michelle’s Reaper play, the ability to maneuver around team fights and the pick up on a winnable situation.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Route 66 – Dynasty 5 – 4 Gladiators

Down in the west of Route 66, the Seoul Dynasty would defend first to LA Gladiator’s map choice. Solo tank, Fissure on Orisa and solo support, Jesce on Mercy, allowed the Seoul Dynasty to catch their opponents off guard. They hoped to drain as much time as possible before taking it to second part of escort. Down to the last part of the attackers time banks for both teams, the Seoul Dynasty were able to prevail after giving up a capture point to the Gladiators in overtime. This was due to using the ult economy efficiently after an early team fight taken in their overtime attack thanks to RyuJehong’s discord orb prioritization. Michelle’s two elimination self destruct and Fissure’s five man earth shatter brought the Seoul Dynasty a win.


Taking on his former team, the LA Gladiators, Fissure had a decent series. Trying to take control of the fight with Reinhardt, Winston, and even Wrecking Ball he was constantly having an impact. In a patch of Overwatch that is very tank driven, space was tough to make.

When the Seoul Dynasty play the standard “three, three” composition it allows new pick up Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi to show  off his flexibility with different picks such as Sombra and Reaper while falling back on the when need be.

Fissure says it was his decision

Baek “Fissure” Chan-Hyung Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

In an interview that was shown on Watch Point, a show before the first game today, Baek “Fissure” Chan-Hyung had said he felt he would be more comfortable on a full Korean roster as English was never something he really studied in and out of game respectively. Being on a full Korean speaking team now, Fissure is looking to have his breakout season.

Fissure and The Seoul Dynasty will need to have the same impact on the match facing off against veteran main tank OGE and The Dallas Fuel this Sunday, Feb. 17th.

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