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The most powerful (broken) moves in Super Smash Bros. history

First off, credit goes to Smash 4 legend Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios for a tweet he posted a few weeks ago. The tweet showed pictures of the four most oppressive moves in Smash history, and posed a question of which move is the best of all. There are many moves and tactics in the series that have been very powerful and oppressive. Today we will examine these moves and find out which one rules them all.

Tweet from ZeRo that inspired this article

Melee Fox: Shine

Shine is really good. I mean crazy good. Shine comes out frame 1 and has invincibility on frame 1. It has set knock-back, which means it can always be a combo starter regardless of percent. It knocks players back at an angle when used in the air, and has so much hit-stun that it’s almost always a death sentence off stage. Shine is too good because it’s basically a get out of jail free option. In fact many of the moves that we’re looking at today can be put in the same category. This move is so hard to deal with because of how hard it is to punish. It’s a crazy good out of shield option, and can carry you off stage if you’re not careful.

Shine comes out so quickly and is so hard to get around that Fox can just shine his way out of almost any situation and get away with it. His opponents can’t reliably punish him for spamming it or consistently using it out of fear because it’s way too fast. Add in foxes lasers, speed and overall great move-set, and you can see why shine is very strong. But is it the strongest move of all?

Honorable mentions: Fox/Falco lasers, Falco Dair, Ice Climbers Wobble

N64 Kirby: Up Tilt

I’ll admit that I’m not very well versed in the Smash 64 scene so I won’t pretend to be an expert. However from what I’ve seen from the research I’ve done on Smash 64 and more specifically Kirby, up tilt is something else. In any other game Kirby’s up tilt would be an average combo starter at best. However since Smash 64 has an insane amount of hit-stun and shield stun, Kirby’s up tilt now becomes very oppressive. Up tilt is a combo starter, a pressure tool and can even KO at higher percents. 64’s increased shield stun makes this move an easy shield breaking tool. One shielded down air into three up tilts will almost always break your shield, and you cant do anything about it as an opponent.

Characters like Jigglypuff who die once their shield is broken have an extra hard time dealing with the move. To top it all off The move has crazy good range and the hitbox on it is huge. With a move this good combined with Kirby’s several jumps and strong aerials, Kirby has the ability to take a stock very quickly. It also helps that Smash 64 stocks can usually be taken very fast. Darn good move, but now we’re pulling out the big guns.

Honorable Mentions: Yoshi Fair/ Dair, Pikachu Quick attack.

Brawl Meta Knight: Mach Tornado

Mach Tornado added to an already stacked Meta Knight move-set

Oh boy, where do I start? Meta Knight is the most broken character in any Smash game, period. I don’t think anyone is really debating against that. Honestly, you could put MK’s entire kit on this entry and it’d be justified, but I think tornado is the most egregious. Tornado comes out quick, and deals pretty decent damage.

The biggest problem is just how much this move can not be messed with. To be perfectly frank, when Meta Knight uses tornado, you stay away from him. This move beats out just about anything you can throw at it. The move devours shields, so that’s off the table. It out-prioritizes any attack you throw at it and gives MK invincibility. It also adds to his already stellar recovery, traveling very far horizontally and vertically.

If any other character had tornado, it wouldn’t be as good. But since this is Meta Knight we’re talking about it’s downright ridiculous. Tornado combined with moves like shuttle loop, his multiple jumps and great aerials, makes MK the undisputed strongest character in the franchise in my opinion. Tornado makes an already broken character even more broken. But can it beat out the wicked witch of Smash 4.

Honorable mentions: Ice Climbers Chain grab, Every move MK has.

Smash 4 Bayonetta: Witch Time

I’ve been very sympathetic of Bayo in the past, and how community members have treated players of the character. In the past I’ve said how I think that she’s not as broken as everyone thinks she is and how we need to adapt as a community. I’ve even recently started playing her in my personal time and trying to learn the character. I’m actually beginning to like her and enjoy playing her. I’m very glad I did because I finally got to see the other side of the coin by playing her, it’s very interesting.

With all of that being said, Witch time is really stupid and unfair. As much fun as I’ve had learning how to play Bayonetta and adding her to my character repertoire, I feel dirty whenever I win because I catch someone slipping with this move.

Witch Time is by far the best move in Smash 4
Smash Wiki

Witch time is a counter that slows down the opponent, leaving them wide open for a free punish. It’s by far the best move in Smash 4. Some may say that since it’s a counter it’s not as good but that’s not the full story. There is absolutely no move in this game like witch time, counter or not. No other move leaves an opponent wide open for a full charged smash attack. It’s not necessarily a get out of jail free card but it really changes the dynamic of a match.

Bayo is already a tough character to fight, and she requires a lot of awareness to beat. So why does she also have a free hit move? Just having witch time changes how you approach Bayo. You can’t be too reckless or incorrectly space moves because of the threat of witch time. This move takes the concept of counters and spins it on its head.

If a Mario player jabs Corrin’s counter at 80 percent, they’ll take some damage and get knocked pretty high up, but survive. If I do the same thing at zero percent to a decent Bayonetta player, I’ll likely die for it. Corrin has the strongest counter in the game, and cannot do the same. Imagine having impeccable Smash DI and being able to get out of all of the Bayo combos, only to die because you mis-spaced a down tilt. That’s Why Witch time is the best move in Smash 4, no matter what you do it’s always looming over your head.

Honorable Mentions: Sheik Bouncing fish, Cloud’s entire Limit Mechanic.

The Verdict

So many great moves, but in my opinion it’s witch time that takes the top spot. It’s just not fair. All of the other moves are amazing but witch time is in a league of its own. Being able to KO an opponent just because they jabbed you near the ledge at zero percent is absolutely not okay. No move in the series has ever been in the same category. I think all of these moves are very strong in their own right. But to me no move is stronger or more dangerous than witch time.

This is just one man’s opinions but I’d love to hear what you all have to think down in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of Dragon Smash on Youtube.

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