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With KyKy Gone, the Head Coach Hunt is on in Dallas

The Dallas Fuel are wasting no time after announcing the release of Head Coach Kyle “KyKy” Souder. The Fuel announced in their April 15th press release that a new coach should be announced within the week, with several candidates on the list in negotiations already.

The coaching pool in the Overwatch League is probably not as deep as the Fuel would like it right now, but there’s no shortage, either. Who will the Fuel deem worthy to take the helm? More importantly, who will be willing to step into the most chaotic franchise in the league?

Ex-OWL coaches, current Contenders coaches, and even certain players may be a good fit for the Fuel. I’ve compiled a short list of potential candidates that Hastr0 and Co. might have their eyes on this week. As always, stay tuned to The Game Haus for more developments as they break.


Bishop to DF

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Perhaps the highest profile candidate to consider would be Lee “Bishop” Beom-joon. The London Spitfire’s former Head Coach has a history of success, and despite mentions of interpersonal conflicts within the Spitfire, he maintains that he left the organization on good terms. Bishop also tried out for the Fuel’s Head Coach position in the early phases of the league, though KyKy got the spot in the end. It would make sense for the Fuel to give Bishop a call, and his track record is hard to ignore.

A Korean coach might also be a boon for the Fuel’s lone remaining Korean, Hyeon “EFFECT” Hwang. He recently took to Twitter that he might leave the team altogether if things don’t improve. With a sword like that hanging over the Fuel’s head, Bishop might be their only hope to keep their star Tracer player.


Who’s better than MESR

Across Texas, the Fuel could find their next Head Coach in former Team USA star Adam “MESR” De La Torre. He’s made a name for himself as the assistant coach and support coordinator for the Houston Outlaws, and players under his purview have plenty of good things to say. MESR also played with Seagull on Team USA in the first Overwatch World Cup- that goes back a ways, but would be a good stepping off point within the team to help build some synergy early on. For the right price, the Fuel could bring on a sharp mind with the right experience to rally the scattered boys in blue.


Actually, This head coach is fine

Dallas could always choose to keep Peak in his new spot, and build around him. Their interim Head Coach has experience with Misfits and Arc6, and could potentially fix a lot of the Fuel’s problems. With Peak at the helm, options to take his old spot would be much more flexible, and probably less expensive.

Daniel “Gods” Graeser, center, sits with Ruben “ryb” Ljungdahl (far left) and Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson (right) in an Apex Season 2 match. Photo courtesy of OGN Apex.

New assistant coaches could focus on player synergies or feedback, and could come from places with more in-game experience than other candidates. Potential tryouts could include NRG flex Daniel “Gods” Graeser, XL2’s Adam “Adam” Eckel, or Orgless and Hungry manager Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch.

Morte is one of the most experienced and level-headed members of the competitive Overwatch community. He would carry a lot of respect in an old-school organization like the Fuel. Adam is a historic player in his own right, and has struggled to find his place in the league itself. His fairly successful tenure within XL2 could dissuade him from abandoning his aspirations as a player, though.

Gods has prior experience with Seagull on NRG and Luminosity, two of his first teams, and has some of the best game-sense in the scene according to BishopThat sort of recommendation could get him a shot in the league at last, even if it isn’t as a player on stage.


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Featured photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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