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The Final Countdown: PCS: Asia One Korean Qualifier Finals Preview

Korean PUBG is the best region in PUBG esports. It holds the two-time world champions in GEN.G, the best player in the world in Pio, and the highest density of great teams. This week the finals of the Korean Qualifiers for PCS: Asia One will take place. Starting at 5 AM EST the best teams in South Korea will look to claim one of the three spots in the PCS: Asia One tournament. Here are the teams, the notes and the story-lines to look at.

Where to Watch

Games will start at 5 AM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, June 8 and Tuesday, June 9. Clinton “Paperthin” Bader and Bench will be the English casters for the event. You can tune in at to catch all the action!

The Spoilers (Already Qualified): GEN.G, Team Quadro, Element Mystic

Image Courtesy of TJ Danzer

These three teams were originally qualified for PCS: Berlin when there was still hope for a LAN season. After being the top three Korean teams in the Charity Showdown they were re-invited to PCS: Asia One. Gen.G and Element Mystic specifically have the best chance to play spoiler to the other top teams. Both sit in the top five of the rankings and have the gun skills to target other teams to make sure they do not make PCS: Asia. T1 fans know the pain of this when VLG target dropped them and kept them from making top four in the PCS: Berlin Qualifiers. Team Quadro though can still put up a fight. They are likely too far out to claim a top six spot, but they can mess with the teams attempting to reach that echelon.

The “Lock”: Griffin

Image Courtesy of Team Griffin

Griffin is one of the best teams in Korea right now. 2tap is one of the best fraggers in Korea and should scare anyone that comes up against him. Asura, 2tap and Minsung all can pop off if needed as well. Griffin went off during the group stages and achieved 207 total points. That put them 54 points over the first team out of PCS: Asia if the qualifiers ended then. That lead should be completely safe since those points carry over to the finals. It would take a massive throw to lose that lead and miss out on qualifying. That throw has happened before, but Griffin is too good to do that.

The “Safe Bets”: OGN Entus and VSG

Image Courtesy of PUBG

If everything holds chalk, these two teams will be in PCS: Asia One. OGN Entus, formerly OGN Entus Force, finished top four at PGC 2019 and then added Under. In group stages they were consistent in where they placed and how hard they fragged. OGN Entus is a fundamentally sound team who is as safe of a bet as all the unqualified teams.

VSG meanwhile is a little more volatile, but can frag better than OGN Entus. Hulk is an absolute monster while paired with WICK2D as a secondary fragger. Foxy and Starlord take turns as support player but both can frag. Finally, the only reason Menteul was removed from Gen.G was because they got Inonix. This is a team stacked top to bottom. Their only issue during the group stages was that they went a little too aggressive at teams and that resulted in early team wipes. If they control that they are in.

The “Need to Go Crazy” Teams: APK Prince, VRLU Ghibli, LAVEGA Esports, DAMWON Gaming

Image Courtesy of APK Prince

These teams will need to fight to get in to PCS: Asia. All of them sit outside the top three qualifying spots by between 10 to 40 points. These teams will need to make a run like Lazarus or FaZe had at PGC 2019 Semifinals. Most will need to be top finishers every game, have lots of kills, and place above their competition. DAMWON is the team that will just need to continue what they were doing at they have a great shot at making it. They sit only 10 points out. APK Prince however sits 40 points out. They will need to be aggressive and win A LOT of games. They finished top five in almost half of their group stages matches, but will likely need to make that two thirds and win multiple times to even have a shot. These are the teams that will make things interesting.

Playing for the Money: FarmPC E-sports, emTek StormX e-sports, Danawa e-sports, Afreeca Freecs, OP.GG SPORTS

Image Courtesy of Afreeca Freecs

These teams are just in it for prize money at this point. They either just squeaked into the final or are too far behind to make a run at the qualifier spots. FarmPC was an Open Qualifier team that made it in. They performed well in various tournaments during the building up to the qualifiers so it is nice to see them in the finals. OP.GG and Afreeca Freecs just squeaked into the finals after a close last day. emTek and Danawa meanwhile had their moments, but were too inconsistent to be up at the top.

The Wild Card: T1

Image Courtesy of Inven Global

Once again T1 is in a position to potentially claim a PCS spot. The question surrounding them is can they not get in their own way and finally succeed against tough competition. This is the hardest lobby they have been in since PGC 2019 where they finished outside the top 10. They could have been in the Charity Showdown but they choked a 40+ point lead in the finals to finish fifth. This team has a history of coming up small when it matters most, but now is not the time. They sit within 30 points of a qualifying spot. If they have two good days they could very well be in PCS: Asia One. But do they have two good days in them though? They have the talent that’s for sure. Maybe they just need a little help from RNGesus.

Need More?

Who do you think qualifies for PCS: Asia? Tell Christian on Twitter at @TheWiz_SPM.

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