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The meta primarily depends on the runes, masteries and items that are considered the strongest. If an item or mastery makes a champion stronger than the other ones, chances are the meta will be played around that item, or that specific subset of champions. In the current state of the game, it seems that the meta revolves around a few keystone masteries. Because damaging champions can abuse some of the damaging masteries, the current meta revolves around being able to abuse those masteries, or setting up strategies to counter meta strategies.
League of Legends teamfights are at the shortest they have ever been. Engage champions are having a hard time in the current meta and when teams group, they typically exchange spells, until a team engages decisively. As the casters have mentioned it, teamfights take a while to happen, but when they do, they explode.

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Early in season 1, if one looks at the VODs it seems that teamfights took longer than games take now. It seems that the game has progressively gotten quicker and teamfights have progressively gotten quicker as well. The problem with fights being skewed in one direction or the other is that it eliminates the possibility of some roles appearing in competitive play.
When fights are too long, champions that do a lot of damage over time rise up to the challenge. Champions that can tank for a long time probably thrive too if the meta revolves around durability. However, in such meta, champions with high burst and low damage over time will probably be nonexistent. In a meta like the one we have now, burst is prioritized. Therefore, mages, bursty ADC’s with long ranges and assassins thrive. Because these champions thrive, tanks and ADC’S like Vayne will probably not see much competitive action.

Teamfight balance is the idea that different strategies and different kinds of teamfights should be viable in order for any kind of role to exist in League of Legends. The purpose of having teamfight balance is to improve the viewer experience and the strategies that can be implemented into a game of League of Legends. Only when a teamfight can be long or short will the game be truly balanced. Because only in such instance will different kinds of champions and strategies will be viable options. Riot probably thinks that is better to leave some champions off the competitive scene because they do not enhance the viewer experience, Warwick and Nasus probably belong in that category. However, the role they perform, should always be able to come to light in competitive gaming for the purposes of strategic diversity.
Teamfight balance is about integrating every role into the meta. Throughout League’s existence, a certain subset of champions have been prioritized. Where poke has been the priority during the old Nidalee days, tankiness was prioritized during the Cinderhulk meta, bruisers during the juggernaut meta, or support champions in the juggermaw meta. When the game lacks duration in teamfights, chances are a subset of champions are being left out altogether. Therefore, a subset of strategies are being left out of the game altogether as well. If the goal is to enhance viewer experience, teamfight balance is a key factor for competitive and recreational League to remain entertaining.


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