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Team Fight Tactics: Ranger Comps 101

Team Fight Tactics: Ranger Comp 101

One of the most simple and potent compositions to pull off in Team Fight Tactics are Ranger compositions. The amount of damage, tankiness, and crowd control that can fit into one is a combination that few comps will have an easy time dispelling. Here are two ways to play out Ranger comps.


Rangers + Knights into Phantom

This composition starts simply enough. Try to get as many high tier level one Knights, as well as Vayne and Varus as possible. Early Fiora for Noble buff to help transition to mid game without losing too much HP is viable, but at level four, having two Knights and two Rangers is just fine.

The most important item to go for in every Ranger composition is Recurve Bow. In a perfect world, players will see many of them come their way, but stocking up enough for a Rapid Fire Cannon and Guinsoo’s Rageblade is enough to get going. Bloodthirsters are also a decent option if there are an excess of BF Swords. Start with items on Vayne.

Come mid game, try and find a high tier Ashe and get her a Rageblade and Spear of Shojin. Stockpiling gold is also important as it will be needed for all of the champion slots one can get.

The final and most important pieces of this comp are a Kindred and a Sejuani. Kindred completes Phantom synergy with Morde, and her ult buys time for the Ranger’s damage to really ramp up. The Sejuani provides excellent frontline and crowd control, as well as giving Ashe Glacial synergy to keep up her perma-stuns.  Extra Frozen Mallets could be looked for to help this cause.

Also, Cho’gath is never a bad option even if he doesn’t have any synergies here. Late game, look to replace Garen or Morde with Kayle or Karthus. With a strong frontline in Sejuani and Cho’gath, one of the early Knights is best replaced with a good late game unit.

The big win condition for Rangers is a strong frontline and Ashe crowd controlling the enemy team while the Rangers output loads of DPS. Kindred ult will buy even more time for the carries to pull the fights out. Be careful of Assassins getting into the backline. Make sure to position the composition all together and try and get the opposite corner as the opponent for a range advantage.


Rangers + Knights into Glacial

A very similar composition, but with an icy twist. In this version, play the early game in the same way, but this time ignore Mordekaiser. Instead, grab a Braum and look to combo him with an early Ashe for some power. Make sure not to re-roll much early, as all of the tier one Knights will eventually be replaced. Instead, levels are much more important because of this comp’s reliance on tier four units. Get to level six and seven as early as possible while still keeping good enough economy to roll. Once this is done, look for Sejuani, Kindred, and Leona. With upgraded versions of these champions, getting top three should be easy.

At this point, look for a Frozen Mallet to put on a Ranger to get four Glacial synergy. If getting one is tough, Anivia should suffice as well. If one manages to get a ninth champion slot, Kayle will give a Noble and Knight synergy to close out the game. While this composition does cut out Phantom and Knight in later stages, four Glacial is a much more reliable way of giving solid power and Guardian makes up for the lack of auto attack damage cut.


Ranger compositions are fairly straightforward to play. The most important thing is to make sure not to ruin an economy panic rolling for champions. Level seven and eight need to be unlocked for the comp to work. Once a full team is put together, even Assassins will have a hard time getting work done.


Team Fight Tactics: Ranger Comps 101

Team Fight Tactics: Ranger Comps 101

Team Fight Tactics: Ranger Comps 101
Images from Riot Games’s Team Fight Tactics


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