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Ever since Nintendo announced the existence of a new smash game during a Nintendo direct back in March, fans have waited patiently for more details. We knew that we would get the actual big reveal at E3 2018, and 3 (LONG) months later here we are. The rumor mill was swirling leading up to the reveal. With all of the leaks leading up to E3 it’s a wonder that no major smash leaks slipped through the cracks. There have been some pretty bold smash Bros. predictions in the past, however no one could have ever predicted the outcome we now have.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

What did we just witness?

It’s 2018 and Solid Snake is back in smash!

The title of this new entry in the franchise tells you all you need to know. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai shocked the world by including every single character ever put into a Smash game into Ultimate. No character was left out, making this the biggest Smash roster to date. Seeing iconic characters like Ice Climbers, Wolf, Pokemon trainer, and Snake back in smash in 2018 almost feels like a dream.

The surprises didn’t stop there however as Ridley, the main antagonist from the Metroid series was also revealed to be playable. This was the biggest shock of all, because Sakurai has stated on numerous occasions in the past that Ridley wouldn’t make it into Smash. The main reason being his size, as Sakurai didn’t want to make him smaller and compromise on his original design. whether he changed his mind or, just wanted to please the fans, Ridley is finally in Smash.

The big reveal was well received by the community. Competitive players and Nintendo fans alike were very pleased with the huge roster of returning characters. Characters aren’t the only thing to get excited about however as some other big changes were announced. Sakurai didn’t pull any punches and left a lot for us all to unpack.

Listening to the community

Even after only seeing the 25 minute presentation it became very clear that Sakurai and the devs have been listening to the community. Just about every concern, or requests from both the casual and competitive communities have seemingly been fulfilled. The most obvious request was for past characters to make a return, and they all did. We also saw a big emphasis on competitive play. New additions like directional air dodging, new perfect shielding mechanics and more left a good impression on the competitive community. Stages also played a big role in the reveal. One request from the community was to add more competitive stages. The response, giving every stage a tri-platform mode, along with an omega (flat) form. Combine this with a slew of new items and it seems as if all bases have been covered.

New Competitive additions are very welcomed by the community

Many top players attended E3, to be able to get their hands on the game early. They were able to test out some of the games techniques and mechanics. The initial reaction is quite positive from the competitive scene.  Top players seem to be enjoying the game so far, this could be huge for competitive play. Most Smash 4 players already confirmed they would transition over to Smash Ultimate. If Melee players also take the leap, this could bring about interesting new match-ups and rivalries. The game isn’t set to release until December 7th and is still being tweaked so we’ll have to wait and see.

There is still more to discuss when it comes to Smash Ultimate. Things like how it directly affects the competitive scene, the PGR and more. Be sure to stay tuned for more Smash Ultimate coverage!

Featured image courtesy of TheVerge.

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