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Straightening Out The Tilt

Being killed in League is a natural occurrence and happens to everyone who enters Summoner’s Rift. There are times, however, in which one’s deaths begin to happen frequently, or it feels as though a player is being targeted by the enemy, whether true or not. When this happens, frustration begins to grow, and irrational behavior festers what mental strength is left. Keeping a strong mental is imperative in any victory, and the following methods should be considered before irrational actions.

Keep Calm

Whether it be one death or ten, being picked off is demoralizing. A solo kill is enough to tilt some immediately, and a death in this manner tests the mental fortitude of players, no matter the champion picked. Instead of raging, keeping calm, no matter how difficult, is the better option. An early kill can easily be turned on its head, and other opportunities to retaliate become widely present.

Play It Safe

When a lane or player begins to falter, a temptation becomes present, which calls players to try and be dynamic playmakers and become standout heroes. While this may occur, such practices are rarely executed as cleanly as pictured in the mind. Instead of trying to attack constantly, players should instead, in most cases, be more cautious and careful in their play. By continuing to farm and bolster their role, further engagements become safer and more beneficial to the team.

Play Around Carries

tft nasusIf a lane is ahead by a significant margin, that lane should become the game’s priority. For example, a fed Nasus with three solo kills and a hefty amount of stacks can quickly become a raid boss of sorts, and by playing around them and allowing opportunities for their carry potential to be utilized a team might quickly find victory around the corner. This is not easy, and carry potential can disappear as fast as it develops. Therefore, striking while the iron is hot and making the call to help the carry is a decision that must be made unanimously and while a team is able.

Remember It’s Just A Game

Sometimes, none of these strategies work. A team has no cohesion, the mental focus is lacking, and the potential for victory or any salvageable enjoyment simply is not there. When faced with such a situation, the best method is realizing that at the end of the day League of Legends is just a game. There are good matches and bad matches, and countless more opportunities to run it back and find a victory over a defeat. Accepting this at the core of any gameplay is the failsafe to maximizing your enjoyment of the game.


Obviously, this is much more theory than practice. Practicing these methods is easier said than done, and a variety of factors go into being able to follow through. However, with the right outlook and a bit of positivity, one may find a victory even in the defeats.


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