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SPL: Spacestation Gaming week one recap

Spacestation Gaming got off to a strong start in week one of the SPL.

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After winning the $15,000 Esports Arena Las Vegas showmatch, Spacestation (2-0) began their SPL season Friday night by winning a pair of sets against eUnited (0-2) and Trifecta (0-2). With the victories, Spacestation put themselves into a tie for first place with Counter Logic Gaming (2-0), a team they meet in week two. If Spacestation can continue the level of play they showed in week one, they will be strong contenders come the Smite Masters LAN event.

Spacestation Gaming vs eUnited

Game 1 – (SSG)

SSG picks:

Solo: Ryan “Aquarius” O’Neill – Cu Chulainn (4/3/6)

Jungle: Andrew “andinster” Woodward – Camazotz (3/8/10)

Mid: Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim – Thoth (4/2/9)

Support: Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Athena (2/3/11)

ADC: John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Hachiman (2/2/7)

SSG bans: Nemesis, Arachne, Bastet, Ravana

EUN picks:

Solo: Ben “Benji” McKinzey – Cerberus (1/6/10)

Jungle: Lucas “Screammmmm” Spracklin – Serqet (4/1/13)

Mid: Brandon “Venenu” Casale – Discordia (8/4/9)

Support: Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss – Amaterasu (1/2/13)

ADC: Maksim “PandaCat” Yanevich – Ullr (4/2/7)

EUN bans: He Bo, Da Ji, Sol, Jing Wei

It was a war of attrition in game one as Spacestation and eUnited went back and forth in a 56 minute game. Spacestation looked to be in trouble throughout the middle of the game, as eUnited attempted to siege their phoenixes. However, it was Spacestation’s superb defense that allowed them to make a comeback.

Venenu looked like the strongest player on the battleground for the majority of the game. Piloting Discordia, Venenu was able to provide control and burst for his team. Unfortunately for eUnited fans, once Spacestation was able to take Venenu out of the fight, the tables were immediately turned.

After struggling in the early and mid game, andinster was able to turn it around late. Through diving onto the eUnited backline, andinster was able to pick off Venenu in multiple team fights, giving Spacestation control of the map.

Player of the game: Venenu

Game 2 – (SSG)

SSG picks:

Solo: Ryan “Aquarius” O’Neill – Cerberus (1/0/9)

Jungle: Andrew “andinster” Woodward – Da Ji (8/0/4)

Mid: Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim – Camazotz (8/0/3)

Support: Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Geb (0/2/9)

ADC: John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – (1/0/7)

SSG bans: Nemesis, Ullr, Cu Chulainn, Amaterasu

EUN picks:

Solo: Ben “Benji” McKinzey – Sobek (0/3/0)

Jungle: Lucas “Screammmmm” Spracklin – Ravana (0/3/2)

Mid: Brandon “Venenu” Casale – Nu Wa (1/4/1)

Support: Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss – Athena (1/4/1)

ADC: Maksim “PandaCat” Yanevich – Sol (0/4/2)

EUN bans: Thoth, He Bo, Hachiman, Jing Wei

In a complete reversal of game one, Spacestation dominated eUnited from start to finish. After a quick gank in the duo lane gave andinster the first blood, Spacestation took complete control over the game. As the game went on, andinster built a five level lead over his jungling counterpart Screammmmm. With this lead, Spacestation was able to control the objectives, and finish the game in only 28 minutes.

For the second time this season, eUnited lost a set in which they looked clearly in control. This loss will be a major test of adversity for a team that only lost four games in the fall split.

Player of the game: andinster

Spacestation Gaming vs Trifecta

Game 1 – (SSG)

SSG picks:

Solo: Ryan “Aquarius” O’Neill – Cerberus (0/1/4)

Jungle: Andrew “andinster” Woodward – Da Ji (7/1/4)

Mid: Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim – He Bo (6/6/4)

Support: Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Athena (1/2/10)

ADC: John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Jing Wei (0/2/3)

SSG bans: Nemesis, Thoth, Anhur, Agni

TFECT picks:

Solo: Ronnie “ScaryD” Belair – Amaterasu – (3/1/4)

Jungle: Suharab “MASK” Askarzada – Ravana (3/4/9)

Mid: Michael “Metyankey” Fasciano – Hou Yi (3/5/4)

Support: Neil “Neirumah” Mah – Artio (0/3/7)

ADC: Steven “Zapman” Zapas – Chronos (3/1/6)

TFECT bans: Ullr, Camazotz, Hachiman, Geb

Game one between Spacestation and Trifecta saw close back and forth action. Both teams had their moments where they looked to have the game under control.

After Trifecta was able to turn a team fight 25 minutes in and pick up three kills, they turned their sights to the Fire Giant. However, Baskin had a different plan when he blinked in at the last moment and stole the Fire Giant kill with his Water Spout. The steal quickly turned the game in Spacestation’s favor, as andinster was able to follow up the steal with a quadra kill. This allowed Spacestation to storm up the right side of the map and end the game 28 minutes in.

While his score line does not indicate it, Baskin had an unbelievable game on He Bo. After being banned throughout most of the SPL games played in week one, Trifecta made the mistake of letting Baskin pick it first overall. From an amazing Blink double kill, to overall control, to the final Fire Giant steal, Baskin was an absolute force on He Bo making Trifecta regret their decision to let him through.

Player of the game: Baskin

Game 2 – (TFECT)

SSG picks:

Solo: Ryan “Aquarius” O’Neill – Cerberus (2/3/7)

Jungle: Andrew “andinster” Woodward – Thor (3/2/7)

Mid: Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim – Scylla (7/6/3)

Support: Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Athena (1/2/11)

ADC: John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Ullr (1/5/6)

SSG bans: Nemesis, Thoth, Geb, Artio

TFECT picks:

Solo: Ronnie “ScaryD” Belair – Cu Chulainn (7/4/4)

Jungle: Suharab “MASK” Askarzada – Da Ji (6/2/9)

Mid: Michael “Metyankey” Fasciano – Sol (3/3/10)

Support: Neil “Neirumah” Mah – Sobek (1/3/13)

ADC: Steven “Zapman” Zapas – Hou Yi (1/2/9)

TFECT bans: He Bo, Camazotz, Serqet, Thanatos

After the heartbreaking loss in game one, Trifecta turned it around in game two. MASK was able to provide the same level of impact andister made in game one with Da Ji, dominating from the jungle. ScaryD played a pivotal role in the win, matching Baskin’s triple kill late in the game with a triple kill of his own, allowing himself and MASK to end the game.

Player of the game: MASK

Game 3 – SSG

SSG picks:

Solo: Ryan “Aquarius” O’Neill – Artio (3/3/5)

Jungle: Andrew “andinster” Woodward – Camazotz (6/3/2)

Mid: Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim – Thoth (6/2/4)

Support: Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Ganesha (0/0/13)

ADC: John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Jing Wei (2/0/7)

SSG bans: Nemesis, Ullr, Serqet, Ratatoskr

TFECT picks:

Solo: Ronnie “ScaryD” Belair – Amaterasu (3/1/3)

Jungle: Suharab “MASK” Askarzada – Susano (3/5/2)

Mid: Michael “Metyankey” Fasciano – Sol (0/3/3)

Support: Neil “Neirumah” Mah – Sobek (1/5/3)

ADC: Steven “Zapman” Zapas – Hou Yi (1/3/1)

TFECT bans: He Bo, Da Ji, Sylvanus, Athena

In a similar story to game one, Spacestation and Trifecta went back and forth attempting to establish control of the map. This time, Trifecta caught a pick onto andinster in the mid lane, allowing them an attempt at the Fire Giant. However, as Baskin did in game one, JeffHindla was able to penetrate the Fire Giant pit, and steal the objective with his Dharmic Pillars. The steal stunned Trifecta, as Spacestation once again marched up to their titan and ended the game soon after.

JeffHindla showed why he is one of the best Ganesha players in the world. Showcasing an absolute mastery of Dharmic Pillars, JeffHindla controlled team fights for Spacestation. Multiple times, the Ganesha ultimate was dropped perfectly to separate Trifecta members allowing Spacestation to pick up kills. In the end, his objective steal led to another heartbreaking loss for Trifecta.

Player of the game: JeffHindla


Not only does Spacestation have the ability to siege well in season five, they also showed their ability to defend. Against eUnited, their base seemed to be impenetrable as they held strong against a constant onslaught from an eUnited team buffed by the Fire Giant. If they can keep up this defense after the newest changes in patch 5.5, Spacestation will have a strong season.

Chalice of the Oracle is clearly being favored by the entire team, with four out of five members purchasing it each game.

Spacestation’s objective control was proven to be one of the best in the league. The way they are able to pull and leash major objectives to force fights shows a high level of coordination within the team. Few others are able to match this shot-calling, and it is clear that the loss of MASK did not have a major impact on this aspect of their play.

Any questions about Aquarius and andinster appear to have been answered. After struggling in the first game against eUnited, andinster turned into a different player for the rest of the night. Both he and Aquarius dominated their roles, proving that Spacestation fans have nothing to worry about.

All SPL games are available exclusively through SmiteGame on Mixer.

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