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SPL: Spacestation Gaming week five preview

Spacestation Gaming (5-1) look to keep up their momentum in their week five rematch sets against Counter Logic Gaming (4-3) and Luminosity Gaming (3-4).

spacestation week one
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Counter Logic took the first set in a decisive 2-0 manner, but since then the two teams have taken divergent paths. Spacestation has won their last three sets since the March 28th meeting, while Counter Logic has gone 1-3 in that same span. This week, both teams will be looking to put themselves in a commanding position for clinching a top two seed in the 2018 spring split.

Luminosity has shown regression since losing 2-0 to Spacestation in week two. The roster mixed with fresh and old faces have shown inconsistencies this year on a week to week basis. After a strong 2-0 win against Counter Logic last week, Luminosity needs to prove they are capable of being consistent against North America’s best. Time is running out for LG this split with only three games left to move from 5th to 2nd in a competitive North American landscape.
Clinching Scenario: If Spacestation wins their two sets this week, they will clinch a trip to the SMITE Masters LAN event in May.

Counter Logic Gaming: Apr. 18, 2018 6:45 ET

Solo – Aquarius (SSG) vs fineokay (clg)

Ryan “Aquarius” Oh Neill has shown he is not to be doubted this season. The 18 year old Canadian has done more than hold his own in the solo lane. He has shown the ability to play both an aggressive style to capitalize on pressure, as well as a passive supportive role.

This week Aquarius will get a rematch of the week two matchup that saw Alec “fineokay” Fonzo come out on top with the help of seemingly constant ganks on the right side of the map. If Spacestation want to avoid the same fate this time, they will need to do more to support Aquarius in lane, either through ganks from the jungler, or through the selection of gods with global presence. After their first matchup, fineokay showed he has a slight advantage.

Most contested god: Achilles

Advantage: Counter Logic

Jungle – andinster (ssg) vs Homiefe (clg)

Andrew “andinster” Woodward’s return to the jungle has been seamless this split. After a shaky start, the Spacestation jungler has been a force for his team in tandem with Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim. His opponent in the jungle this week is Homiefe, one of the best junglers in North America this season. Homiefe was far and away the best player in the week two set against Spacestation earlier this split.

If Spacestation wants to avoid their second loss of the season, they will need to find a way to shut down the Counter Logic jungler. The goal for Spacestation should be to keep Homiefe off Baskin at all times. It was clear in week two that if Homiefe could get to Baskin, the fight would go in Counter Logic’s favor. Spacestation and andinster need to find a way to control Homiefe and keep him playing from behind. This means they will need to draft more control and movement to ensure Homiefe is not sticking to their carries.

Most contested god: Nemesis

Advantage: Counter Logic

Mid – Baskin (ssg) vs Hurriwind (clg)

The matchup in mid for this set will feature the rematch between two of the best mid laners in the world. Tyler “Hurriwind” Whitney has been incredible in the midlane for Counter Logic, while Basking continues to make his case for being the best player in the world. It is clear that the game plan for Counter Logic will be to shut down Baskin and get him out of team fights as early as possible. So far this season, Counter Logic has been the only team capable of doing so. Now, Spacestation will need to adjust and allow their best player to have a clean playing field.

Most contested god: Thoth

Advantage: Spacestation


It has been a quiet split for John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter. Few ADCs in the league have been able to provide an impact in a meta that sees the role struggle to get farm. BaRRaCCuDDa and Evan “Snoopy” Jones once again are no strangers to each other. The two are not only having a rematch from week two, but have faced off as opponents and played together as teammates. As with previous weeks, don’t expect a big impact out of the duo lane. However if Spacestation is able to get BaRRaCCuDDa going, it will substantially take pressure off of Baskin and andinster in the midlane.

Most contested god: Jing Wei

Advantage: Spacestation

Support – JeffHindla (SSG) VS Jigz (clg)

Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi has been putting on a clinic in his games this split. From stealing objectives, to setting up kills, to peeling for his team, the Spacestation support has done it all. In his match this week comes a counterpart that JeffHindla has seen a lot of in his career. Both he and Jigz have been battling out the support role since season two. The two play a similar aggressive style of game that sees a lot of rotations around the map. Overall the advantage is in Spacestation’s favor as JeffHindla has been the top support in North America this split.

Most contested god: Terra

Advantage: Spacestation


This matchup is one of the closest in the entirety of the SPL. After getting beat in week two, expect Spacestation to come back and get revenge on the Counter Logic squad.

2-1 Spacestation

Luminosity: Apr. 20, 2018 6:45 ET

Solo – Aquarius (SSG) VS KikiSoCheeky (lg)

The matchup between Aquarius and Ismael “KikiSoCheeky” Torres features two players that enjoy playing guardians in the solo lane. Don’t expect to see a lot of action here if the trend continues.

In their first matchup, Aquarius dominated in lane both as Camazotz against Terra, and as Terra against Camazotz. In that set Aquarius outclassed Kiki in every facet of the game. The Luminosity solo laner will need to change that this week if he wants his team to have a chance at the win.

Most contested god: Camazotz

Advantage: Spacestation

Jungle – andinster (SSG) VS Weak3n (lg)

As the outspoken and charismatic leader of his teams, Kurt “Weak3n” Schray has drawn the ire of many fans throughout his career. This season it has been clear he has a chip on his shoulder to prove wrong those who doubt him. However, he will need to improve his consistency playing against one of the league’s top junglers in andinster. If the Luminosity jungler is allowed to control the game, Spacestation will be in for a rough set. Spacestation showed it was possible to shut down the Luminosity jungler, and they need to show the same this week to pull out a win.

Most contested god: Serqet

Advantage: Spacestation

Mid – Baskin (ssg) vs keegsmate (lg)

Keegan “keegsmate” Twoeagle has been living up to the hype since his spectacular week one debut. The rookie mid laner has put forth dominating performances against some of the world’s best. This week though, he is put up against the best mid laner in the world in Baskin. Luminosity will once again need to focus on shutting down Baskin if they want any chance at winning. The advantage in this game goes to the incredible experience and skill of Baskin.

Most contested god: Thoth

Advantage: Spacestation

ADC – BaRRaCCuDDa (ssg) vs Clout (lg)

Conor “Clout” Roberts has been arguably the best ADC in North America this season. The Luminosity ADC has shown the ability to take over games, which is not a common thing for other players in the role. BaRRaCCuDDa will need to match that level of play and not allow Clout to snowball early. After their first set, Clout showed he is more than capable of matching up with BaRRaCCuDDa, and you can expect a similar result until the Spacestation ADC can figure out a way to break through.

Most contested god: Sol

Advantage: Luminosity

Support – jEFFhINDLA (ssg) vs nOTgENO (lg)

As another newer face, NotGeno has been proving he can compete with the top supports in the league. He has had a promising start, outplaying many other top supports in the league. Both teams highly value Athena for her global presence, and you can expect to see her a lot in this set. If JeffHindla is able to continue making the MVP level impact he has had so far, then we should be in store for a repeat of the 2-0 set we saw in week two.

Most contested god: Athena

Advantage: Spacestation


Luminosity has looked too inconsistent this season to favor, especially compared to the dominance Spacestation has displayed. Spacestation should take this one in a clean two games.

2-0 Spacestation

Things to watch

Expect to see a lot of Achilles and Terra in picks and bans this week. The changes to Terra have been a big boost to her stock, and it would be surprising to see her get through very often. Achilles on the other hand has been valued by just about every team in just about every role.

Watch out for how the teams treat the Fire Giant this week. In recent weeks there has been more fights around the Fire Giant pit, and it will be interesting to see if that trend continues this week.

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