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SK could pick up S1mple and flamie

Navi teammates
S1mple (left) and flamie (right)

SK looking for a change

SK could pick up S1mple and Flamie. There have been a few floating rumors that SK gaming were looking for a change. Until now, there have been few solid reports of possible trades or player acquisitions. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has made it clear that he wants Brazilian Counter Strike to grow and up to this point has had exclusively Brazilian players on his teams. Dexerto reports earlier today that this could be contrary to SK Gaming’s future team composition.


Aleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev and Egor “Flamie” Vasilyev are two of Natus Vincere’s premiere players. This dynamic duo is made up of the best player in the world in S1mple and a once top 5 fragger in the world in Flamie. Adding these two to any team would be a huge plus as far as fragging power. It seems as though these two are in SK’s sights in making a move to jump start the team after disappointing finishes in recent tournaments.


SK over the last couple years have been a tactical nightmare for opposing teams. IGL(in game leader) FalleN has used his players in a system that seems to put everyone in the perfect position. For nearly two years his tactics dominated other teams and his player composition has stayed mostly the same throughout that reign. For whatever reason it seems as though these once supreme tactics have become predictable. Whether it be the players faults or FalleN’s system itself it is clear a change needs to be made.

With the rumor that S1mple and Flamie will join FalleN’s ranks we must think to ourselves why? SK has always relied on the unselfish plays of its role players. Adding these two big guns to the lineup doesn’t exactly scream subtle. Comparing them to the two players that they are predicted to replace it is obvious that they are not the same types of players. Both of these players are known for taking high risk high reward plays and maybe that is what the Brazilian legend FalleN is looking for in his players. Maybe someone that will take the fight to a team rather than wait for a teammate to make a play.

S1mply better

SK used to be one of the best eco round teams in the world. Adding two of the best pistol players in the world could make them more dangerous than ever with S1mple’s deagle play and Flamie’s AK like performances with the CZ. Having these two on either bombsite with the potential to turn a round into SK’s favor with a couple head shots from S1mple should have FalleN’s mouth watering. All around this team gets much better in the fraggin department with the addition of these two. I hope it does work out as this team playing a monster in Faze Clan could make for some insane finals.


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