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Should Teams Play Sombra Against Brigitte Compositions?


Since the recent Overwatch League patch, which includes the addition of Brigitte, teams have been able to run a variety of unique strategies. Since there is so much diversity when choosing heroes, teams have branched out and crafted compositions which uniquely fit their own playstyle. Some teams decide to prioritize heroes such as Pharah, Widowmaker, McCree or Junkrat more often than other teams. And with so many different playstyles, it has created more exciting games and has heated up player-vs-player matchups. However, one hero that has made a big impact throughout Stage 4 and will affect the Postseason is Brigitte. Teams such as the Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant have exemplified in Stage 4 why she should be a highly prioritized hero.

The Power of Brigitte

There is no denying that Blizzard Entertainment likes to make their new heroes powerful and downright impactful as soon as they are launched; Brigitte is no exception to this rule. Previous released characters such as Ana, Sombra, Moira and now Brigitte have made an immediate impact in how the game of Overwatch is and should be played. Teams have favored using Brigitte over other healers because of her ability to counter flankers and divers, in addition to the amount of armor that she can give her teammates.

Unlike most support healers that Blizzard has created, Brigitte is an in-your face healer. Brigitte gives a surrounding healing aura to her teammates when she does damage and additionally can give her teammates a health pack, which can overheal her targets by adding additional armor to their existing health. Her Ultimate, Rally, also has immediate impact because it adds armor to teammates who are around her. Basically, Brigitte and her teammates are really hard to kill if they are given enough time to stack up armor… some consider this a problem.

Why not Sombra?

One hero who doesn’t see much playtime anymore is Sombra. Sombra is an offensive hero who was mainly seen in Stage 2 and Stage 3. Sombra’s kit included the ability to turn invisible, translocate and hack enemies. One big plus to her skillset is that her Ultimate, EMP, disables opponents abilities. Most people should think that Sombra would be a good choice to counter Brigitte; however, even with Sombra available in Stage 4, almost all teams opted not to use her.

It’s puzzling why no teams ever decided to use Sombra against Brigitte. Instead of running Sombra against Brigitte, most teams tried to run a mirror composition or play Pharah. The reasoning behind this is straightforward, get more armor before your opponent acquires it or deal damage from the skies with Pharah, where Brigitte can’t reach her. The reasoning makes sense for those heroes, but it is still puzzling that no team in the Overwatch League ran Sombra against Brigitte. The clip below showcases the power of Sombra EMP when an enemy team is grouped up.


Teams should run Sombra against Brigitte. Yes, it takes a bit longer to charge her Ultimate, EMP, nevertheless, she is still a viable hero. Contrary to belief, Sombra is still one of the most annoying and most broken heroes. Just the fact that she can hack someone and they can’t use any abilities is laughably strong. She literally can counter any hero, if you know how to play her. She can hack and drop Pharah out of the sky, make Brigitte or Reinhardt a useless shield or make Zenyatta as weak as paper. The list goes on and on. Sombra is a great hero and teams should play her. Ultimately, even with how good Blizzard makes its new heroes, like Brigitte, there is always a way to beat it.


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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

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Josh Armstrong June 26, 2018 at 1:34 pm

My mistake. Sombra doesn’t remove armor, just shields. Nevertheless, a Sombra hack can disable Brigitte’s abilities.


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