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Shanghai Dragons remain without a win

The Shanghai Dragons came in to stage three with many different players on their roster. This was on full display in their first match against the Dallas Fuel, with Altering being the only returning starter from previous stages. Even still, they go towards stage three week two still hunting for a win.

New Dragons Shine Against Dallas

Shanghai Dragons
Starting Lineup Stage Three from Overwatch League

Even though they left the match-up with a loss, the new roster pieces looked they like belonged in the Overwatch League against the Fuel. Geguri looked incredibly comfortable on, while Ado was a fearsome Genji. Sky looked solid while paired up with Altering and later Fiveking.

Fearless seemed like a substantial improvement over Roshan. Roshan constantly found himself being picked off or killed early on in fights, something that seemed to doom the Dragons every team fight. The Dragons looked dominant in their single map victory this week. With more time and practice, they can maintain that form.

Shanghai Dragons Going Up

There is nowhere but up for the Dragons to go. With a current 0-22 record, the Dragons are at the bottom. They blew up their roster, and are now awaiting the results. Many of the new players were coming from South Korea. To play they must traverse the language barrier. While the Dragons have looked uncoordinated at times throughout the previous stages, they had no excuse. It is clear watching the players that they want to win, they want to push the team. With the new players getting more time to know how each other play, and learning the different languages to effectively communicate in-game, the Dragons could be a whole new team.

Season One Is a Loss

Shanghai Dragons
Geguri from Robert Paul

The truth of the matter is with such a poor record, there is no hope for the Dragons to do anything substantial this season. This is also a blessing for the team, as all expectations have been removed and now all fans want is a win. Just one win and the team is back in good graces. Management and coaching obviously doesn’t want to give up on this team, and that was evident by an aggressive roster shake-up.

Gone are Undead, Diya, and Roshan from starting. Undead has actually left the team at this point. The new look team has obviously not gotten much time together, but they all strive for the same thing. Only time will tell if the Dragons reach 0-40. I have a strong feeling that this team will finally break through during stage three.

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