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Seoul Dynasty: Stage 2 Week 4 Preview

Seoul Dynasty (1-2 | 7-0-6)

Week 2 Recap

Dallas Fuel: (W) 4-0

Seoul Dynasty Week 4

Seoul’s Walk Out
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Beating Dallas was the turning point in the stage for Seoul. They needed a win to pull back in the race for playoffs in two weeks. Pulling all four maps only helps Seoul’s case as they head down to Dallas for the homestead and week four of the second stage.

A combustion of elements busted open inside the Seoul Dynasty. With Minseo Marve1″ Hwang in, it almost looked like it was Chanhyung Fissure” Baek with the amount of aggression being shown. Marve1 so far, in the Overwatch League, has played a very passive aggressive style. Being able top disrupt Dallas through multiple engagements, the Dynasty hardly played from behind.

Their biggest struggle was when facing off against Benjamin uNKOE” Chevasson’s Ana on second point of Hanamura. Seoul were pushed back for almost three minutes until they pushed the Fuel off the high ground and collapsed on their weaker targets.

Player of the Week: Jinmo “Tobi” Yang
Seoul Dynasty Week 4
Tobi on the Big Screen
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most clutch plays on Eichenwalde showed the veteran support player of Lunatic Hai’s past, Tobi, stepping back into the carry role. Through multiple environmental eliminations, he had Dallas reeling on the attack when being stalled out on the bridge, just meters away from the second capture point.  Working with long time co-support, Jehong RyuJehong” Ryu, had the entire team of Seoul enabled through this entire series.



Week 3 Preview – Dallas Homestead

4/27 – Houston Outlaws (0-3 | 1-1-10)

Seoul Dynasty Week 4
Munchkin and RyuJehong celebrate their Win of Dallas
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Outlaws have more than struggled through their season so far and this stage hasn’t been any easier. Subbing multiple members in and out as “specialists” messes with team synergy in team fights. This shows greatly when main tank, Austin Muma” Wilmot has different Zarya’s to play around. It changes the play style each time a different member comes in.

Houston’s one map victory, however, was against the Vancouver Titans in week two. Outlaws took the control map, Busan, away from the stage one champions 2-0. Although Houston’s DPS compositions are explosive, their “traditional” triple tank and support is weak. When the maps roll around and triple tank and support are played, Seoul will walk away with team fights decisively.

Prediction: Seoul Wins 4-0

4/28 – Los Angeles Valiant (2-2 | 7-1-9)

Seoul Dynasty Week 4
Seoul Beat Dallas 4-0
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

While beating the Justice and the Reign allows the Valiant to have two series wins in this stage, it was not as convincing as the roster that was able to make a run in the stage playoffs of last season. They still struggle to recognize the roles that their players are falling into. Most importantly, seeing Youngseo “KariV” Park go back and forth between DPS and support does not help the team synergy at all.

Being slightly tested against San Francisco and the Gladiators during this stage will help Seoul to see both the bright and dark spots of the Valiant’s game. The newfound aggression against the Fuel will help Seoul push through against the Valiant.

Prediction: Seoul Wins 3-1
Player to Watch: “Marve1”

Marve1 has done a great job through the stage thus far in holding up the front line of Seoul. The adaptation from him going into week three showed a more aggressive style. In doing so, the rest of the team can then play their game while supporting the space being provided by Marve1. 


Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

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