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Seoul Dynasty Stage 2 Week 2 Preview

Seoul Dynasty (0-1 | 2-0-3)


Week 1 Recap

Los Angeles Gladiators: (L) 2-3

Seoul and the Gladiators go to a map 5
Photo courtesy Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Coming out of the gates swinging were the Seoul Dynasty. Putting star Main tank Chanhyung Fissure” Baek on Winston mostly made them feel right at home. With the knock back changes on the Stage 2 patch, Primal Rage can find more value in isolating targets for Seoul to pounce on. Taking Control and Escort, Seoul were able to push the Gladiators to a fifth map.

It would not be enough. Guiun Decay” Jang would be too much for Seoul to control as Fissure was looking for dives. As the maps went on, Seoul would be forced into being more aggressive than the Dynasty needed while using more than enough resources. Dongeon “Fits” Kim in over Byungsun “Fleta” Kim showed disjoint in their three three and the Gladiators exploited all of it. Handing Fissure his first loss against a former team, He is now 5-1 in the match up.

Player of the Week: 

Fissure was easily the most consistent during this match for Seoul. Although getting outplayed towards the end, Fissure did everything possible. From creating space to explosive ultimate usage, he created as much space for his team to pick up eliminations the best he could.


Week 2 Preview

Vancouver Titans (1-0 | 4-0-0)

Chanhyung “Fissure” Baek
Photo courtesy Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul this season have met the Titans only once. In that Semifinal loss, Vancouver took it in a decisive 4-0. While stopping the Dynasty’s playoffs run, Vancouver then went on to win that stage. The Titans have yet to drop a single match in their first season of the Overwatch League

While facing the San Francisco Shock, Vancouver showed cracks in their armor that Seoul can learn from in their own play. While making Main tank Sangbeom “Bumper” Park as uncomfortable as possible pulls every resource from the Titans just to keep him alive. With Fissure’s Winston play shown in Seoul’s opening match against the Gladiators, the Dynasty can isolate targets and focus fire them down. When DPS are brought into the conversation, Seoul will struggle against Chunghui “Stitch” Lee of Vancouver and his clean McCree.

Prediction: Seoul Loses 1-3


Player to watch: Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

He is the one member who has been in every game Seoul has played this season. Ryujehong will have their work cut out for them against OWL breakout flex support Juseok Twilight” Lee. He was able to out perform Seonghyun “JJonak” Bang in the quarterfinals of the playoffs and needs to do it again against a tougher opponent. Look for him to find opening picks with orbs of destruction while leading the Dynasty with vigorous shot calling.


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