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Seoul Dynasty: Stage 2 Week 1 Preview


Seoul Dynasty (4-3 ; 16-1-11)


Stage 1 Recap

Seoul beat NYXL
Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With the first stage of the Overwatch League in the books, along with their first stage playoff, Seoul look forward to Stage 2. Exceeding expectations Seoul would take down one undefeated team in the quarterfinals (NYXL) while losing to the other undefeated team in the semifinals (Vancouver).

Through the seven games played in the regular season, Seoul were able to show strength in all offseason pickups. Playing two rosters with one on control during playoffs and the other playing the rest of the map variants. Their strongest roster was lead by Chanhyung Fissure” Baek. In a tank heavy meta, Seoul were powered by veteran main support, Jehong RyuJehong” Ryu. The aggressive play style Fissure brought to the team was shown in in the later half of the season. The Dynasty’s success was enabled by Minhyuk “Michelle” Choi’s flexibility mostly on Sombra.

Not without struggles, Seoul fell to teams with their own Sombra composition. Struggling to get a single game off of Boston in Week 3 while the Uprising were on their uproar with a strong front line. This mattered mostly in how Seoul would adapt for playoffs and stages to come.


Stage 2 Week 1 Preview


Los Angeles Gladiators (4/5/2019)

A rematch of Stage 1 Week 1 as Fissure looks to beat their previous team again. The Gladiators are not the same team that Seoul were able to beat 3-1 in the first week of the second season. Neither is the patch. Baptiste is here and hero as well as movement changes have been added. Seoul need to be prepared for the potential danger that the Gladiators bring.

Los Angeles Gladiators Player Ratings
Gladiators Starting line up
Photo Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

Guiun Decay”Jang has been playing mostly Zarya instead of Lane Surefour” Roberts when Los Angeles is playing triple tank and support. However, with DPS potentially being played, Surefour’s flexibility can be tough for Seoul to overcome. Seoul’s team must be prepared in controlling the tempo and not letting their resources go mismanaged.

Along with all the changes brings questions in the air as to what compositions will be played and how each team will play them. This being Seoul’s only match in the opening week have this match to show the league their take on whats meta.


Prediction: Seoul win 3-1

Player to watch

Fleta takes the stage
photo courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Byungsun “Fleta” Kim had struggled through Stage 1 playing mostly Zarya while Seoul played “three three.” Breaking back into their old nick name “Fleta Meta,” now is as good as a time as ever. Showing strong flexibility can pair well with Michelle’s Sombra. Also being incorporated into the two versions of Seoul at the end of Stage 1 will allow Fleta to play multiple roles.



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