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Seoul Dynasty: Stage 1 Week 3 Preview


The Seoul Dynasty (2-1)


Week 2 Recap

Chengdu vs Seoul
Photo Courtesy of Sean Costello

The Chengdu Hunters: 2-1

The Seoul Dynasty were pushed to the limit early on their control map. Chengdu, and their “never give up” attitude, showed a composition built around Ding “Ameng” Menghan’s Wrecking Ball. Seoul would learn on the fly. Adapting mid game and understanding how Chengdu played this composition allowing Seoul to take the series 4-0

Appearing dominant was most important walking away from this match. Seoul looked the strongest here thus far in the season. Showing flexibility along the way, Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byun and Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi would both play Sombra in this series finding impact on their hacks. Most importantly, Seoul’s engagements seemed more calculated, reacting to how the Hunters were trying to disrupt them.

Player of the match: Michelle

Michelle’s Stats
Player of the Match vs Chengdu Hunters

This rookie has been making waves in their debut to the Overwatch League this season. Enabling the rest of Seoul with a strong Sombra, they were a constant thorn in the side of Chengdu. Michelle was able to soar on this match as well.

A great doesn’t always show up in the kill feed. Negating damage and returning it back, Michelle played a pivotal role in keeping his team sustained in fights. Even eating two Graviton Surges within one control stage.

Week 3 Preview

Chengdu Hunters Week 2 Preview
photo courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty

The Boston Uprising: 1-2 (2/28)

Although Boston have been struggling with their tank line up, Seoul cannot take them lightly. Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse has been getting his footing on the league stage for a week now. Main tank Min-seob “Axxiom” Park is fitting in their main role too but when Fusions played in the first week, their triple support and tank looked deadly.

Do not forget the core of the Boston Uprising that had a stage playoff run the third stage of last season. Facing tank driven teams that flex around Sombra (i.e the Dallas Fuel in week 1) is where Seoul struggle the most thus far in second season. However, they shine most when off setting a team’s pace with Michelle playing Sombra. As long as The Dynasty control the tempo as they did against The Hunters, they will find success.

Prediction: Seoul wins 3-1


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York Excelsior: 4-0 (3/3)

NYXL have high mechanical skill, and each individual has something to bring to the table. Most importantly, Seong-hyun “JJoNak” Bang leads the focus with his orbs of destruction. The rest of the roster are enabled to clean up on a disrupted team trying to eliminate the Korean super star, as seen in their previous match against the Outlaws. The NYXL have only dropped four maps with one draw.

New York will throw similar compositions against Seoul that they have faced before. Most importantly when NYXL have Tae-hong “MekO”  Kim flex onto Sombra. The Dynasty can learn from their mistakes in their loss against a team that did the same tactics, the Dallas Fuel. Showing composure, as seen in the previous match against Chengdu, Seoul will have to pick their engagements when they have the opportunity.

Prediction: Seoul loses 2-3

Seoul will be pushed to the limit. This will be their most difficult match this season. From week one they have shown improvements in their team play, and knowing how to disengage and reengage into a fight. Although, NYXL have been doing the same and are still appearing as dominant as they always have. Fissure vs Mano controlling the front line will be very entertaining to watch as these two teams face off.

Player to Watch:

Photo: Sean Costello

Ryu “Ryujehong” Jehong

The veteran leader on the team has had a great season so far. From all the supports that Ryujehong has played, they have been the right fit for what the team needs. Pairing very well with off season pick up, Seung-soo Jesce”  Lee in keeping the team topped up during Graviton Surges, EMPs, and Earth Shatters.

Provided the space that was seen in the second week, RyuJehong can lay down the damage on Zenyatta. The Dynasty have always leaned on his veteran calls, and will need his leadership through this week.

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