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Overwatch League Interview: JJonak and Saebyeolbe Talk the Meta and NYXL’s New Secret Weapons

Alright, so first off, how was the offseason just in general for you guys? What’d you do, where did you go?

JJoNak: I traveled a lot, and just rested.

Saebyeolbe: I took a pretty long rest in Korea, and then we all went to New York for a fan meeting. Going to New York and meeting all of the fans was a lot of fun! Especially at our pop-up store.

And how’s BB? I loved the signing video NYXL did for her!

Saebyeolbe: She’s good! (laughs)


NYXL had a great first season, despite its ups and downs at the end. What’s the plan to one-up that performance in 2019? What has the team done in the off-season to make sure you’re even stronger than you were last year?

Saebyeolbe: The first thing is that we’ve got two new great players [Yeon-oh “Fl0w3r” Hwang and Yeon-kwan “Nenne” Jeong]. We’re also preparing harder than we did last year. We’re preparing as if it’s a new beginning – as if we’re starting at square one. In a sense, we really are.

Out of all the players on the team right now, who’s impressed the most in the offseason? Who’s really stepped up and made some big plays? (You can say yourself, if it’s you.)

Saebyeolbe: Out of everyone on the roster? I think Nenne and JJonak.

That sounds like a great first impression, if he’s up there with JJonak already. What about his performance has impressed you?

Saebyeolbe: He makes really good shot calls. He’s good to play with overall, and he has good mechanics, too.


That’s definitely important in this meta. Speaking of, where do you see the meta going once the season starts? Where would you like it to go?

[Saebyeolbe and JJonak discuss this at length in Korean before answering.]

Both: GOATS will still be the base comp to start. Then, because of the Brigitte nerf, more DPS heroes will be played. Sometimes there will be unique comps that are meant to counter GOATS comps, so you can expect some interesting stuff there as well.

And do you think that’s where NYXL will find it’s advantage? In their ability to pull out some curveballs and surprise people?

JJoNak: Hmm… maybe…


Got any bold takes for me? Any surprises we can expect as we get into this season’s games?

[Again, Saebyeolbe and JJonak discuss this at length in Korean before answering.]

Both: Most people will be surprised by how good Nenne is. Keep an eye on him!

Good to know, guys! Thank you so much for sitting down with us today!

JJonak: Thank you.
Saebyeolbe: Thank you!


[Thanks so much to Saebyeolbe, JJonak, and the NYXL crew for sitting down with us! Best of luck in your games this season! #EverUpward]



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