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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky is Now Live

Operation Grim Sky

During the Six Major in Paris during the second week of August, Ubisoft gave us the information for the official release of Operation Grim Sky. As of September 4th, you can now play these new characters on all platforms.

Operation Grim Sky was launched on the test servers after the announcement at the Six Major. However, that was only on PC. If you only play Xbox or PlayStation, then you were out of luck. This is usual when it comes to new releases for the game, but that does not make it any less fun for the console players. You can experience the new features for yourself no matter what you play on though, now that it is fully launched.

What Operators Are New In Operation Grim Sky?

Operation Grim Sky came with two new operators. One is an American attacking operator named Maverick. He features a DIY blowtorch where you can create your own holes even on reinforced walls. The amount of fire you can create is limited though, so create your peek holes wisely.

The second new operator is a defender from Great Britain named Clash. She features a transparent shield that can also shock attackers in her vicinity. It does not do much damage, about as much as walking through shock wire, but she can imitate the Montagne strategies to work for the defense.

What Else Does This New Launch Include?

While Operation Grim Sky does not feature a brand new map, it gives us a reworked Hereford Base map. Some aspects of this map were changed to make it more playable, likely to make the stage more viable for competitive play. This map has been heavily modified updates, ranging from layout changes to the stage’s color palette.

Many other smaller things are coming with this new launch. A lot of competitive players are excited about the new bomb site that will be introduced to the Consulate map. Players are also excited about the aiming fix that attempts to correct the hit box issues.

Overall, Operation Grim Sky is very exciting and a good continuance of Ubisoft’s strong support of Rainbow Six Siege. If you want to read more, head over to Ubisoft’s detailed article regarding all of the changes they have now made to the game.


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