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Questionable Madden 19 Ratings: New York Giants

The new Madden 19 game is on it’s way, but there are some pretty questionable ratings about the players on this game. These ratings are disagreeable to many fans, and The Game Haus is here to analyze the player ratings of the New York Giants.

Odell Beckham Jr.

One of the players that are overly rated on the team as of now is Odell Beckham Jr., rating at 95 overall. His speed and acceleration are above 90, making him one of the best receivers on the team and in the game. Yes, he is an amazing athlete, but coming off an ankle injury from the past season, Beckham wouldn’t come off as the full, healthy receiver like he was for the past two seasons. EA Sports overhyped his speed which is at a 94, but his acceleration (94), awareness (95) and strength (49) are pretty much agreeable.

Beckham still has an eye for the ball, he can catch anything in the air, but there wouldn’t be a chance that he can run up to top speed yet after coming off the injury. If Madden updates their rosters throughout the NFL season, then it’s possible that his speed will be back to where it was before.

Odell Beckham’s rating should be dropped down to at least a solid 90. He was out the whole season, and even though he’s been recovering, there are questions on if he will be at a 100%.

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Saquon Barkley

Barkley is a huge addition to the New York Giants. He’s one of the best rookies coming out of college and he showed out during minicamp. He might be a newcomer in the league, but his rating seems kind of unfair at an 82. 

Barkley is no ordinary running back. Back at Penn State, he started as a freshman and had a 1,000 yard rushing season in each of his three seasons. He was also a first-team All American multiple times throughout his career. Not only is he a fast runner, but his agility is amazing as well, rating at 94. He has great balance, able to break tackles and hurdle over defenders.

Saquon Barkley’s rating should be raised to an 89 at least. His strength, speed and agility are pretty much accurate, except for his awareness. He is able to make people miss and has decent vision. His awareness should be moved up to 80. 

Alec Ogletree

Alec Ogletree was one of the star middle linebackers on the Los Angeles Rams. He is very athletic and is a tackling machine. Even though Ogletree didn’t live up to his performance last season, the rating on Madden is pretty questionable. He can still become a very effective player to the Giants’ defense.

Ogletree is fast and elusive. He is able to come off blocks and stop the run game. Everything, such as his speed, awareness, and agility is accurate, but his strength is low. Ogletree has the ability to move blockers out of his way in order to make the tackle. He can also intercept the ball as well and return it back to the house.

Ogletree’s rating should be up to 80. He will be a major help to the Giants’ defense and would help with the run game, and the passing game as well. Ogletree has the tendency to read the ball, and he can shed blocks. 

Travis Rudolph

One of the most slept on receivers is Travis Rudolph, rating in at 69. He’s still a new receiver coming from Florida State. He may not have played much last season, but he’s shown that he can play in the big leagues whenever he had a chance to get in.

Rudolph was an athletic receiver back in Florida State. When he came into the league in 2017, he didn’t get as much playing time than he expected. Rudolph only made a couple amazing plays whenever he got in, like the amazing mid-air catch he had against New England. Rudolph also had an outstanding catch and ran for a huge gain against the Washington Redskins last season,  and he finished his rookie season with 101 receiving yards. 

His rating should be at least a 72, because of his agility. If he worked on his strength a little more then he would be an excellent receiver. He can catch really well, and he’s fast off the ball and in open field. 

Adjusted Ratings

Odell Beckham Jr: 90

Sequon Barkley: 89

Alec Ogletree: 80

Travis Rudolph: 72

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