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Questionable Madden 19 ratings: Cincinnati Bengals

The Game Haus will be analyzing the player ratings from Madden 19 of every NFL team. Madden has a daunting task of rating all NFL players and their attributes. While they have the ability to correct some of these rankings with in-season roster updates, there are some issues with some of the initial rankings of players. This article will look into the head-scratching Madden 19 ratings for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Andy Dalton

Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton is a player who people think is vastly underrated or just not very good. This writer is here to tell you that Andy Dalton is underrated and people need to appreciate him more. A 77 rating on this years Madden is a spit in the face of everything Dalton has done.

With absolutely no offensive line last year, Dalton was considered one of the best QB’s when under pressure, even though he was sacked 39 times. Most of them were seemingly immediately after the ball was snapped and there was no way for him to escape. Giving the man 81 awareness is a joke. Also, they are giving him bad accuracy yet, in every year other than last year when he was running for his life constantly, he has always been pretty accurate and even has a 62.3% completion in his career. He also had one of his lowest interception seasons at 12 while still throwing for 25 touchdowns. Again this was all with a terrible offensive line.

Andy Dalton is not a top 10 quarterback and that is completely fair. But having him as the 33rd best one in the league behind rookies like Rosen. Jackson and Mayfield is an absolute insult. Andy Dalton is at least an 83 or 84, putting him right next tor Jared Goff, Derek Carr and Alex Smith.

Tyler Eifert

Courtesy of: ClutchPoints

When healthy Eifert is easily a top three TE in the league. That being said, he hasn’t been healthy in years and it should have a bigger effect on his ratings. Only one time in his entire career has he started at least 15 games. In his rookie year of 2013 he played 15 games. The following years were: 2014 one game, 2015 13 games, 2016 eight games and last year two games. That doesn’t scream an 89 on Madden.

There is not a whole lot else to say about Eifert. He is a big target and a big if. If he has a great year this year and can stay healthy and maybe play all 16 games this season then he will be worthy of his 89 rating. That being said, he already is missing come of camp due to some injury which does not bode well for his status this season.

Eifert needs to be rated more closely to an 84 or 85 than an 89.

Carlos Dunlap

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Dunlap will be heading into year nine looking to prove that he is still one of the best players on this defense. It is getting younger and players like Sam Hubbard are apparently looking amazing in camp. This isn’t to say that they will take much playing time away from Dunlap more that they may steal some of his spotlight. The man has been one of the most disruptive players at his position in the league for years.

One can pencil him in for at least seven sacks a year, but he does so much more than that. While this may not show up in the stat sheet, he puts so much pressure on opposing quarterbacks that they fear even looking near number 96. He was top three at defensive end in passes defended with seven and had 13 the season before. When he isn’t getting to the quarterback he is using his high football IQ to get into the passing lanes.

An 84 is just a bit low for a player of Dunlap’s caliber. Giving him something closer to an 86 seems a little more accurate.

Adjusted Ratings

Andy Dalton: 83

Tyler Eifert: 84

Carlos Dunlap: 86

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