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Questionable Madden 19 Ratings: Atlanta Falcons

The Game Haus will be analyzing the player ratings from Madden 19 of every NFL team. Madden has a daunting task of rating all NFL players and their attributes. While they have the ability to correct some of these rankings with in-season roster updates, there are some issues with some of the initial rankings of players. This article will look into the head-scratching Madden 19 ratings for the Atlanta Falcons.

Alex Mack

Courtesy of: Blogging Dirty

Ever since he came into the league Alex Mack has been an absolute stud at Center. He grades out well in the pass and the run while also being a leader on the line. There is no other way to say it than, he is the anchor for the offensive line.

He was graded by Pro Football Focus as having a 97.9 pass blocking efficiency. That was second best among all centers in 2017. Yet, Madden only gives him an 83 in pass blocking and a 90 overall. While Travis Frederick deserves to be number one at center, it could easily be argued that Mack should be second. Instead he is fourth behind Rodney Hudson and Jason Kelce. Kelce had a great season and is a very good center but, most would agree Mack is better.

Alex Mack deserves to have a much higher pass blocking rating, probably at least a 90 and his overall should go up to at least a 93.

Vic Beasley Jr.

Courtesy of: The Falcoholic

Beasley had a much more average season last year than 2016 where he was an animal with 15.5 sacks. The 5 sacks from last season may have messed with his rating a bit. He is one of those 3-4 LBs/Ends that can play either position so sometimes he was doing more than just rushing the edge.

That being said, the man has a motor and a nose for smelling the ball. He only started in half the games last season and seemed to struggle a bit, but it seems like Madden punished him just a little too much. I mean last year in one update he was rated as high as a 91. This year an 82 and a tackling of a 78 is quite the change. Not only should his tackle go up to at least an 82 but his overall should go up a couple points as well.

Vic Beasley Jr. should be closer to an 84 or 85 as he will get more playing time and more than likely look closer to the beast that he was when he played in all 16 games and started 12 of them in 2016.

Mohamed Sanu Sr.

Courtesy of: Fox Sports

Sanu is a very interesting player. When signed many people thought that he would instantly become an even better player. He was working with Matt Ryan and just generally had a better team around him than when he was with Cincinnati. This has seemingly become true as he has had back to back solid seasons since coming to Atlanta. Strangely enough though, he is only an 82.

Now Sanu is probably never going to be a guy who has 1,000 receiving yards. What he can do is trick plays, his throwing power is a 77 after-all. Where Sanu seems to get knocked down is his route running. He does not have a single stat in that area above an 85. The problem is that Sanu is extremely consistent. The man will run his routes and catch most balls thrown at him. He doesn’t have break away speed but he is a big target and his over 82 rating is definitely too low.

If receivers like Kelvin Benjamin and Michael Crabtree are 84s then this is at least the range where Sanu should be.

Adjusted Ratings

Alex Mack: 93

Vic Beasley Jr.: 85

Mohamed Sanu Sr.: 84

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