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PUBG: Why Broadcaster Royale is different

Broadcaster Royale

We are entering the second season of the Twitch PUBG Broadcaster Royale tournament. The first round has already passed, and more games are happening this coming weekend. It is one of the largest Twitch tournaments that the streaming service puts on.

Broadcaster Royale is a popular tournament, but lately it has been met with quite a bit of skepticism. Twitch invites a certain number of partnered streamers to play in a PUBG tournament. It starts out as an online competition, but qualifiers compete at the LAN final tournament at TwitchCon for a prize pool of $300,000. With such a large pot up for grabs, many people are wanting the opportunity to compete.

I admit, the prize pool is similar to a professional level one. It is eye catching for many competitive players. Broadcaster Royale, however, is for streamers and non-professional PUBG players. This does not mean that these are people who have never played the game. It is merely people who are not currently under contract with a professional team, such as Liquid. Each chosen streamer gets to choose a duo partner that fits the requirements. From there, they compete to go to TwitchCon and play in San Jose.

You may see why this is upsetting for professional players. They are good, and they know that they might be able to get a large chunk of that prize money. That is where people are wrong about the Broadcaster Royale. It is for fun. Many rounds during the tournament have rules voted on by the Twitch community. These options include melee and frag only, crate drop surplus and snipers only. These are not modes that you would see in the PGI tournament.

While I understand the desire to play in this tournament, it is meant for fun with a monetary prize. Twitch is a streaming service and wants to feature the best things about their partnered members. They wanted to make it fair and to make sure it stays relatively light-hearted. Twitch is staying true to their purpose, and that is entertainment. So we will all see the professional teams go head to head during international tournaments, but this one is for the entertainment. They want to give us a show, and let me tell you, it is just that.

If you would like to watch the upcoming rounds of the tournaments, go give a follow. You won’t want to miss out!

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