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PUBG: Pittsburgh Knights looking to make a push for First

The PUBG Global Invitational has brought out some of the best the game has ever seen. Which, in all reality was the hope with this tournament in the first place. Currently the top 5 teams are Gen.G Black with 1720 points, Team Liquid with 1685, the Pittsburgh Knights with 1320, Ghost Gaming with 1275, and Oh My God with 1270, respectively.

Courtesy of: GosuGamurs

The mixture of regions at the top shows promise for the game as no team has looked particularly dominate yet. That being said it has been interesting to see the strategies of each region. Some preferring ranking over kills and others doing the opposite or both depending on the match.

The Pittsburgh Knights have especially been showing up as a major contender, currently sitting in third. They have finished in third in two matches and have mainly focused on kills as their path to victory. They are currently in first in that regard with 31 and Gen.G Black is not far behind with 30 of their own.

Jace “Voxsic” Patras and Can “Texqs” Ozedmir have been standouts for the team so far. They have been  killing machines finishing the first day with double digit kills, 10 and 11 respectively. This is good for top5 in kills for the entire tournament. Voxsic specifically has continuously put himself in compromising positions to get kills which has been a double-edged sword for him and his team.

Courtesy of: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The team is currently 400 points behind Gen.G Black mostly due to early exits in rounds one and two of this TPP leg of the Invitational. They have had some unfortunate positioning due to circle placement but even with that they were still able to get kills in those rounds. They had 3 in the first and 6 in the second.

It was the third round where this team really took off though. Fighting their way in from the edge of the circle the team continued to win their skirmishes netting 13 kills in the process. The problem was by the end they had taken so much damage in those fights that they ran out of meds. In the fourth round it was a little more of the same as the team was able to finish with nine kills but, were unable to get past Team Liquid and Gen.G Black for a second straight match.

Owner Rob “Leonix” Lee knows that this team can get to the top. When asked how the team was feeling heading into today’s game he stated:

“Slow start, but we’re not settling for anything less than what we want. The weights are off”

A slow start definitely hurt this team but, this is not an unusual trend for this squad. it took them four rounds to really get going in the European qualifiers. They finished 8th, 8th, 13th, and 7th with a combined 12 kills in their first rounds. Then they went on a roll winning two matched and finishing top 5, five more times with 65 kills in those matches.

This team is built around getting kills in order to finish near the top. If they can use the moment gained from the last two rounds yesterday, avoid a slow start, and rack up kills early, then this team has a real chance of winning the TPP portion.

Make sure to check the Knights out on twitter and check out the last day of TPP matches over on Twitch.

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