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PUBG: New things are coming

New things are coming

With the newest update to the test servers, we found out that many new things are coming to PUBG. From the new weapon to the new weapon attachments, I will highlight some of the best things that will soon be playable on live servers.

The MK47 Mutant
New things are coming
The New MK47 Mutant Weapon

This is a new weapon that has been released on the test servers and will soon be available for live PC servers. It is an AR and it will use 7.62 mm bullets. You will be able to find it sitting around somewhere on all maps. This gun also allows you to fire in single shot mode or a two-round burst mode. While this means you cannot spray someone like you can with an AKM, it should unload a good amount of damage. This gun has a capacity for 20 rounds, but can be upgraded to 30. After seeing this gun on the test servers, I have noticed that the recoil is similar to an M16. Some players find the M16 difficult to control. If you can master it though, this may be a great option for you.

The Tukshai Vehicle
New things are coming
The New Tukshai Vehicle

The Tukshai vehicle will only be available on the Sanhok map. It holds three passengers. Even though it holds a maximum of three, this seems like a good alternative to motorcycles, even for smaller teams. I don’t know about you, but motorcycles have caused me more harm than good when trying to drive them on these maps. This may just be a good new way to get around. Plus, you will look pretty cool driving it.

The Laser Sight
New things are coming
The New Laser Sight

This new sight may not seem that exciting, but you can use it to your advantage easily. It offers a reduced spread when shooting, including when you are hip firing. That means that when an unexpected enemy comes around the corner and you panic a bit, your fire will be more accurate. The downside is that laser sights can be seen. Just like in other games, you can see the line it gives off. You need to be smart about this so you don’t accidentally give away your position. It also replaces the grip slot, so you will have to choose.

These are some of the largest new things coming to live servers when the next update launches. I believe they add value and more strategies to the game. When playing them on test servers, these new additions make the game a little more diverse. We will see how they are officially put into use when the next update becomes live for all PC users.

For more information, visit the PUBG announcement page for additional points on bug fixes and smaller changes.

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