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PUBG: New major update #22

New major update

It seems as though PUBG is releasing a new major update every week or so lately. Well, that is because they have been. While it is common for PUBG to update weekly on a routine basis, the past few have brought us new and improved aspects to the game.

I covered the major aspects of the previous update in one of my articles. That update included a new gun, gun attachment and vehicle. This new update is bringing new gaming aspects to PUBG. Below I will cover a few of the main changes and how they might alter your gameplay.

The Wheel Option

You can now access a quick screen wheel for faster selections. This quick screen keeps you from having to open the full inventory menu. It can help you get grenades or smokes more quickly in a surprise game situation.

The Ranked System

There is now a ranked system in the game. I believe we can all agree it was only a matter of time until this was introduced to PUBG. Many, many other games have this system and it has become a popular part of competitive play. This system includes eight different ranks that you can achieve by collecting points. The original style of leader has also been slightly adjusted to reflect the new style that this update brings. It matches the ranking theme and makes the game look more uniform.

Quick Join Map

Now you can choose which map you want to play on while also having the option of quick joining a match. This option allows you to join the game that is beginning the soonest no matter what map it is on. Essentially, they are adding the map selection but you can also do the original style selection. If you play with the hopes of getting better for competitive play, this map selection option gives you the ability to practice certain maps and get better as you feel the need to.

While this new major update is only on test servers at the moment, it will be live on PC in early October. To find out more about Update 22, check out the PUBG Steam page here.

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