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PUBG Mobile: One Year of Great Features

PUBG Mobile

PUBG has made its way on to all gaming platforms at this point, but PUBG Mobile is one of its fastest growing. PUBG Mobile is currently celebrating their first birthday with a huge celebration for all players to enjoy. Over their first year, they have implemented many features that are exclusive to them, and have even made their break into the world of Esports. Is PUBG Mobile the right way for you to play?

Competitive Play

PUBG Mobile
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Mobile versions of games are often looked down on when it comes to competitive play. For instance, Fortnite’s mobile version supports cross platform play, making mobile players easy prey for anyone on console or PC. PUBG Mobile is different because all of its games are on their own servers, so players are only playing against other mobile competitors. Its competitions are huge. The current Crew Challenge that is going on has a massive prize pool of two million dollars.

Anyone can compete in the Crew Challenge and have their chance at glory. Crews consist of up to six people and are a smaller, tighter knit group as opposed to the clans in the game. When you enter, you have to play in scheduled matches that occur on the weekends. You earn points based on kills and placement in the matches. The top 100 move on to the preliminaries, the top 20 move on to the finals and then only one comes out on top of that. Crew Challenges comes along with each season, so get your crew together and prepare for your next chance.

Cosmetics For Everyone

PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile also has a huge selection of clothing as compared to the other versions of the game. If you are into the cosmetics of your character, you can expect a new outfit almost every week. They range from basic to all sorts of wild outfits, so you can be sure to stand out from the other players. The only downfall to this is that sometimes you may have to spend money on the in-game cash to purchase some outfits. However, you can get a lot from the Royale Pass even without paying for premium.

Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile
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The Royale Pass offers all sorts of exclusive items that will make you work hard to earn them. What’s nice about this pass is that even without paying you can get some nice rewards from it. However, paying will get you bonus rewards. This pass is similar to the console and PC versions in that it only costs 10 dollars for a whole season. No matter if you pay to play or not, you’re going to have to grind out some intense battles to get the rewards you deserve.


PUBG Mobile
Image courtesy of Bain Lindeman

Perhaps the coolest feature on PUBG Mobile is its crossover events. The most recent event was with Resident Evil 2, where players could earn all sorts of skins and outfits associated with the game. This crossover event also brought in the new Survive Till Dawn mode where players team up with a squad to hold off three nights of Resident Evil zombies while also trying to win a Chicken Dinner by taking out other players. This new mode brought in many new players who are fans of this genre of game. If you are looking for a new challenge, check out this new mode.

PUBG Mobile has packed a lot into its first year of operation, and it is only continuing to grow. Check it out if you are looking for a new way to play PUBG.

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