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PUBG: Introducing the new PUBG Europe League


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds announced today that they are introducing a professional league for the European region. The PUBG Europe League, or PEL, will debut in January of 2019 at the start of the 2019 professional league season.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Corporation has said on many occasions that they have a five-year plan for their esports side. This seems to be the next step along the way to make and keep PUBG relevant in the esports scene. Prior to this, there was no official professional league for PUBG in the European region. This was a smart move to go further into the competitive scene.

The PEL will include Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa. The PEL joins the other regions with pro tournaments that are already created, which are: North America, China, Korea, South East Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Taiwan and Japan. The new expansion covers most of the remaining parts of the Asian and European continents.


PEL Map (photo from Twitter)

The Gameplan

As far as competitions, the PEL will have a prize pool of €1,000,000. This nearly equates to the $1,000,000 prize pool for the North American competitions. The season will have 16 teams that compete in a LAN located in a capital of a European country. The bonus for being one of these players is that your travel and lodging is paid for by PUBG Corp.

This is a PUBG competitive scene that Europe has never seen before. They will be on the same competitive level as other regions have been. If the PUBG Corp. wanted to make it clear that they wanted a global competitive system, then they have with this move. Not only are they allowing these teams to get together professionally, but they are also sharing profits with players by subsidizing expenses.

The PEL will be possible with the partnership with StarLadder. They are an established competitive brand that will help to make this new league possible. For more information from StarLadder, see this recent publication. For more information directly from the PUBG Corp., read their recent post here.

Featured photo from Steam

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