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PUBG: Breaking Down the New Training Mode

PUBG new training mode

If you are in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community, then you’ve most likely heard of the new training mode. This has not yet launched on live servers – PUBG Corporation plans to roll out the new mode in September.

Until then, let’s go over some impressions from the released information – both the good and not so good.

The Good:
  1. There will be guns and options for the whole loadout.

In this new mode, you can grab whatever gun you want and add whatever fitting attachments you want. This will help you perfect your favorite gun, or even try to get better with different or less user-friendly guns without hurting your ranking on the leaderboard.

2. All of the targets.

There are numerous shooting range targets to help you practice leaning techniques. You can get better at leaning behind a tree and maybe even be one of the few people who can consistently left peek without dying.

3. You can practice parachuting.

This one may not seem like a big deal, but it will help in those occasions where you get stuck landing when someone on the ground already has a gun. It can also help you for when you and an enemy (or friend, depending on how nice you are in squads) are headed towards the same compound. You both spot your favorite gun and now you can practice ways to make sure you land perfectly to grab it first.

4. You can practice your driving.

If you say you haven’t died in a ridiculous way by driving, you haven’t truly played PUBG. One of the most angering things is hitting a tiny rock while driving a motorcycle and being launched to your imminent death as a result. Now, you have a chance to practice how to avoid these irritating deaths with several different track options.

The Not So Good:
  1. Matchmaking is for 5-20 people.

In regular matches, you can play solo or with up to three other people. That’s a maximum of four people. However, you cannot queue just your squad of four into the training mode to practice strategies and to get better as a team. It would be great to be able to do that.

2. Queues are only solo.

According to their Steam article titled “Introducing Training Mode,” you will only be able to solo queue. So unless you are lucky and queuing at the exact same time as your teammates, you won’t be able to get into practice as a team. Part of me sees this as a huge opportunity for squads to be able to get some good practice in, but unless this concept changes, you will have a hard time doing that. Maybe they will clarify more closer to launch and it will be a mistake in wording. Until then, it looks like it won’t benefit squads who compete together as much as it could.

3. It is a new 2×2 kilometer map.

You can look at this one as a good or a bad. However, this author is leaning more towards the bad end. It would be nice to be able to practice on a map where people actually compete. You could dive deeper into active strategy practice and make it a gold mine for competitive teams. Only being able to solo queue makes this less of an issue.


Overall, there’s much to be optimistic about with this upcoming mode. Casual players rather than competitive players seem to benefit more with current settings, though. With all of that said, this is definitely a good starting point. When this gets launched, it will be great to see it in action.


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