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Prediction: TSM Tweek will be the #1 Smash Ultimate player

As we close in on almost 4 months of Smash Ultimate, The competitive scene is thriving. As more tournaments go by, the PGR is beginning to shape up. Many of the top players from Smash 4 are thriving in Ultimate, which is to be expected. However out of all of the top Ultimate players, very few are on the level of TSM Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey. Tweek was always a great player, but he made a huge splash near the end of Smash 4. That momentum has definitely carried over into Ultimate as he is already one of the games elite. With the First PGR season ending in a few months, Tweek is an easy favorite to take the top spot. Here’s why he’ll soon be ranked the #1 Smash Ultimate player in the world.

Trending upward

Tweek started off Smash 4 as a pretty decent player but since then, has gone nowhere but up. He has seen a steady progression throughout his career and became a dominant force near the end of Smash 4. This can be attributed to his impeccable tech skill. Tweeks movement is amazing with every character he plays. In Smash 4 he started out as one of the games best Bowser jr players. However he absolutely shined once he picked up better characters. Picking up Donkey Kong, Cloud and Bayonetta, Tweek was able to really take his game to the next level.

Tweek’s loss to Leo at CEO 2018 was devestating, but he quickly bounced back

Character choice is not the all there is to his game, as his movement with his characters was unrivaled. Tweek’s mastery of perfect pivots, and dash dancing made characters like Cloud and Donkey Kong lethal in his hands. Tweek plays calculated, and decisively; being one of the most optimal players in the game. This combined with his mastery of the Bayonetta match-up gave him a huge upside late in Smash 4’s meta. Tweeks amazing character movement transitioned beautifully into Smash Ultimate; as the engine heavily favors quick decisive movement.  With this in mind it’s no surprise that Tweek is one of the hottest players in Ultimate right now. His stellar performance in tournaments recently landed him a new home with Team SoloMid. Tweek is clearly trending upward, but will it stay that way?

Lonely at the top?

After Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios retired from Smash 4 in early 2018, the race for the #1 spot on the PGR was as wide open as it had ever been. Months later Smash Ultimate was revealed and that season would become the final PGR season for Smash 4. Tweek was at the top of his game during this period, but he wasn’t alone. Echo Fox MVG Leonardo “MK Leo” Perez was playing the best Smash of his life and was consistently placing high at every tournament he attended. The child prodigy from Mexico was, and still is one of the most dominant players Smash has ever seen. Rarely placing outside of top 4 at tournaments, Leo was a machine during the later days of Smash 4, consistently churning out impressive results.

Tweek’s Big win over MK Leo at Frostbite 2019

Tweek and Leo were neck and neck in the race for the top spot, leading up to the final PGR event CEO 2018. In the end Leo won the event by beating Tweek in a hard fought Grand Finals. This gave Leo a definitive edge over Tweek, as he took the top spot on the PGR V5. Tweek was devastated and was very open about how much it meant to him to be the best in the world. Tweek took this loss on the chin and has come into Ultimate with one goal, to be the best. He’s definitely on his way, with multiple #1 placings at big Smash Ultimate tournaments. The most notable of these tournaments being Frostbite 2018, where Tweek not only took first place, but did so by defeating MK Leo 3-0 in Grand Finals.

Being able to defeat one of his demons to win a major tournament was a huge moment for Tweek, but his work is not yet done. MK Leo is still playing the best smash of his life and is crushing tournaments. His most recent win was at the Smash Ultimate Summit, a stacked invitational that Tweek was notably absent from. With only a few months left in this PGR season, it’s clear that the #1 and 2 spots belong to Tweek and Leo, no one can deny that. They’re both playing out of their minds right now, but Tweek is looking poised to take the top spot. Tweek’s performance at Frostbite proved that he could not only win big, but do it against one of the games best.

Ever since he barely missed the mark in Smash 4, Tweek has been a man possessed at tournaments. He’s playing with purpose and come summer 2019, he’ll prove that his win at Frostbite wasn’t a fluke. It’s once again a neck and neck race for the #1 spot; but this time TSM Tweek will become the undisputed #1 Smash Ultimate player in the world.

Who do you think the best Smash Ultimate player in the world is? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

Featured image courtesy of HotSpawn.

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